Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Andrea's Senior Photos

This was the second time I had the opportunity to photograph Andrea. I took her pictures earlier in the summer when she was running for the Queen of the Sesser Homecoming (not the dance, the community carnival at the park) Here's Andrea:Thanks so much Andrea for choosing me for your senior pictures!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One for Jami

The Petro Family

This was a great family session, even though Brooklyn wasn't sure she wanted to participate! We managed to get several adorable family pictures and lots of good ones of Brooklyn by herself, she is so cute! I did photos of Brooklyn when she turned one, and I'm so glad her mom let me do pictures of her again. This was an all-encompassing shoot, we did fall-themed family pictures and Brooklyn with her dog, Brooklyn as a butterfly, and Brooklyn's Christmas!
Here we go:

There was a picture of Brooklyn's daddy tossing her in the air the last time I took her pictures, and I couldn't resist adding this one this time! :)
Thanks guys for a great session and being repeat clients! I appreciate it! :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Elisabeth's Senior Pictures

Elisabeth is an foreign exchange student from Norway, so this is a pretty awesome shoot me to have the opportunity to do! She has a very fun style too, from the dreds to the funky shoes! It didn't work out the day we did her pictures to do any outside, so we just did indoors this time, and she wants to do more later outside. I think these turned out could they not?! :)
Here's Elisabeth:
Thanks Elisabeth for choosing me to do your Senior Portraits! I look forward to finishing them up with you later! Walmart will be fun! :)

Shelbi's Senior Session

Shelbi, her mom, and I had a fun time finding some new spots in town to do her pictures! She had an idea for a downtown spot I had never used before, and I had noticed an old building that I had never used, so we tried them both out! I also drug along my huge orange chair that I love, but can't manage very well...Shelbi helped out and we did okay, and I think it was so worth it because that chair looks awesome sitting on the railroad tracks! Here's Shelbi:
I'm loving this new red wall I found!
Thanks Shelbi for choosing me for your senior photos and helping me lug the chair! :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brandon's Senior Portraits

We had a fun time with this session, Brandon was fun and funny, and we got lots of great silly pictures along with great cool pictures! He has lots of personality, and I believe we captured some of it! :)Thanks Brandon for a very fun session, you did great! :)