Monday, August 31, 2009

One for Samantha {Benton & Sesser, IL Photographer}

Oh Sam, I had a terrible time picking just one! :)

Ryan {Sesser & Bonnie, IL Senior Photographer}

Ryan was FINALLY able to have his senior portraits that he is actually a freshman in college! His mom said that they had scheduled his pictures 6-8 times last year and everytime he was sick or it rained! His first session with me was actually scheduled for late July...but it got rained out, too! So I am very happy that it did not rain this time!! :)

Thanks Ryan for a wonderful session, you did great, and I'm so glad the weather cooperated for us! Enjoy!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Jacklyn {Sparta, IL Photographer}

Jacklyn and I had a fun session! Everything about her style was bright and beautiful!

I got to use the awesome microphone again! She sang a few lines for me, and wow, she has a beautiful voice!

Thanks for coming all that way to see me! Great session! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ashley & Gene {Murphysboro, IL Engagement Photographer}

I met up with Ashley & Gene at Murphysboro Lake...they couldn't have picked a prettier location for their engagement photos. I took Ashley's brother's wedding photos back in 2007, and we came to this same spot for wedding party pictures, so I remembered it well!

I regret that I will not be able to go with Ashley & Gene to photograph their destination wedding at a resort in the Dominican Republic! :( They asked me to, and we tried to work it out, but I have a wedding here the following day, so there was really no way I could get back in time! So unfortunately, I had to turn down my first offer for a destination wedding! But I really really appreciate being asked! :)
Hopefully I will get to do that someday!

Thanks for a great session guys, Congratulations!

Chelsea { Whittington & Sesser, IL Photographer}

I met up with Chelsea at her home and we went to one of their neighbor's for several of her photos. They have a bridge over their pond and several beautiful spots around their home that are great for pictures!

Thanks for a great session, Chelsea! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kayla {Sesser, IL Photographer}

Kayla is another member of our youth group, and I love her dearly! It has been so much fun to watch her grow into the beautiful young girl she is now. My first memory of Kayla is when she turned 8 (the same age Maddie Kate is now). It was a few months after we came to Sesser, and they were having a birthday party for her at church, and I remember asking her mom how old she was, and when Pat told me 8, I didn't believe it! Kayla was tall and also very mature acting for her age. I think she could have told me she was 12 and I would have believed! :)

I borrowed this "Elvis" microphone for some fun singing shots with Kayla...had to have a little fun with the processing to make her look like a rockstar....!

Kayla, I hope you love your photos!!