Monday, March 30, 2009

One for Joni & Jonathon

Dena's Maternity Session

I had such a good time photographing Dena's maternity pictures, along with her daughter Bailee. They are both so cute and sassy, and that always makes for such cute pictures!

The baby was born 5 days after we took these pictures, and her name is Kynadi! We are doing her newborn pictures in a few days, so look back for those soon!

Thanks Dena and Bailee for a great session!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jacksen is 3 months old!

This little cutie came to see me all the way from Indiana! I am so glad I will be getting to photograph Jacksen's first year, he is such a sweetie!

Thanks for letting me take Jacksen's pictures! I look forward to seeing more of you guys in the next year! :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tymber is 6 months old!

Little Miss Tymber does not like to have her pictures taken! It took us two sessions on two different days to get these pictures, but I think we tricked her into some very cute shots! Her mommy is going to submit one of her photos to the Carbondale Memorial Hospital Baby Buzz Contest, so wouldn't that be fun if she won!? She is a beautiful little girl, I wouldn't put it past her to win! :) I had to do her pictures quick because we are on a deadline here! ( I know, we had to do these a bit out of order...but when you have a deadline, I will work with you! : )
Check out this little cutie!

I love the two tiny teeth peeking in this one!

Aren't her little high heels funny? They are from a website called "Heelarious!"

Thanks for letting me take her pictures! Good luck with the contest!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lili & Abi are 9 months old!

I was so excited to get to take pictures of these little girl twins! They are adorable, and wow, they were very cooperative and happy!

Here they are with their mom and dad!


Thank you so much for letting me take pictures of your sweet family and your sweet little twins! It was a fun session, especially once we busted out the oreos! :)

My little knothead

Lately Cohen has been on a head-bonking streak. Last week he fell down the steps at church and had a big scrape on his cheek and head. Then this week, he has hurt himself three times. He hit his head on his riding toy school bus, and received a minor bump. Then Wednesday he pushed the piano bench over and hit his forehead on it and got a bruise in a line across his head. A few minutes ago, he did this:

He was playing in his room and I heard a huge crash and then a big wail, and I ran in there to see what happened. He had dismantled his humidifier, and I guess he had fell face first on part of it, I'm not really sure what happened! I held him for a minute, and then once he calmed down and I could look at him, I saw that huge purple bump between his eyes! This guy has got to calm down or he's gonna have a concussion!

Here are a few more fun Cohen pics from the past week or so:
This was his first trip to the park...well, the first one he could actually run around and play...

The sticks were his favorite thing at the park. He kept chewing on them! Yuck!

Here he is eating his first chocolate chips. Of course, he can't just eat them, he has to wear them!

And here's Mr. TP himself! This is his new favorite thing to do if we leave the bathroom door open. Well, if he's not splashing in the potty that is!

Hopefully the next photos I share of Cohen won't be more head wounds!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A blog contest for the Dodds Fundraiser!

If you had a session done at the Dodds PTO fundraiser March 5,6, & 7, then you are eligible for this contest!!!
All you have to do is leave a comment on the post that has your family's or children's photo, make sure you add your name (if it's anonymous I can't give you credit) On April 2nd, I will do a random drawing, and whoever's name I draw will win $25 worth of free pictures on the sales day!

Final installment of Dodds Fundraiser-Saturday

So I finished up my edits yesterday for the Dodds Fundraiser! Yay! Here are the final sneak peeks...there are a LOT, I think I did 31 sessions that Saturday! Whew! So many cute kids and families though, it was so nice to meet all of you! Thanks to all of you who supported Dodds Grade School's PTO, and especially thanks to the PTO gals who did such a great job. This was my the most sessions I have ever done for a fundraiser, you ladies did a fabulous job selling the sessions! Special thanks to Annette for coordinating everything with me and being so helpful!

This was one of those can't decide which I like better pics!

This last pictures is just one I thought was's a "self-portrait" that I accidentally took of myself working!

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this fundraiser a great success!! :)