Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's been a week....lots to show and tell!

Or I should call it, "Extremely long blog, BEWARE!"

First off, a wedding preview for Kyle & Christina! This wedding was so cute! They had it at their home, outdoors on a farm, and I must say, I don't think I have ever done a "farm-themed" wedding before, but it was really neat! They had the ceremony right next to a pond with ducks swimming on it and cows mooing in the field. There were tractors, combines, and seed dealer signs everywhere, and the reception was held in the barn with homemade/homegrown food for the dinner. It was great! ( I am a farmer's daughter after all!)

My usual assistant was unavailable the day of this wedding, so I had a different one, Heather, join me for the backup work, and I am very pleased with the job she did. Here are a few of her photos (edited by me).

Thanks to Kyle & Christina for allowing me to have a part in their special day, it was a lot of fun!

While Alisa was home for Thanksgiving break, I had her take family pictures for us, so I thought I would show some of my favorites. She did a great job for us, even though Ava was not so cooperative that night (it was already bedtime, so she was crabby) but we got several that I liked.
You can't even see my tummy in most of these, which I think is funny, because I wasn't trying to hide it!Now for some tummy pictures!
Thanks Sweed! :)
We had a nice Thanksgiving weekend, we went to Johnny's grandparent's house for lunch on Thursday and then to Effingham on Thursday night and spent the day there on Friday. I went shopping of course, and got some Christmas shopping done and got some good deals. I didn't go real early though, I couldn't stand to get up at 4 am! Then Friday night we went to my parents' house and stayed there (even though they only live 20 minutes from our house!) for the night and spent all day Saturday with them. It was nice to have a little vacation and eat loads of good food and hang out with family. While we were at Mom's she wanted Christmas card pictures taken, so we had a little photo session real quick before we ate lunch.
Top: Johnny, Ben, Logan, Troy, Tony
Bottom: Jessica, Ava, Dad, Mom, Maddie Kate, Alisa, and Kimmy
I like this one the best, of us all in a pile!

This one above was just me having a little fun editing. It's my dad's face on everyone's body! My mom couldn't stop laughing. I'm trying to get her to send it as her Christmas card instead of the real one! :)
We tried to do a jumping picture of our family, but it didn't go super great. Here are a few though, they are pretty funny!
Last but not least, we had our 4d ultrasound yesterday! I was so excited, we got to see our baby up close! He was super wiggly and made lots of faces and sucked his thumb. I think he looks like his Daddy, and kind of like Ava too. Of course, when he gets here, he'll probably look like an alien instead, because that's what the other two looked like for the first few days!
I know it's hard to tell (taking pictures of a picture is never great, this is the best I could do) but he is sucking his thumb here, and the bumpy stuff to the left is the umbilical cord.
That's Johnny's nose! :)
They said we would get an 8x10 picture and a CD in a few weeks at my doctor's , so that will be neat to have! I go on Thursday for the glucose! I am 29 weeks pregnant, so if you want to read about the development at this point, click HERE.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I found another one, this one is Johnny as Scrooge!

We got elfed!

I know, you all are looking for your previews, and I keep posting silly things like this, but this is too funny! Follow the link below to see my family as elves! You can make one for yourself too!

Ava loves it, she keeps making me play it over and over!

My sister is home from college this week and she came over and took some family pictures for us and also some maternity ones of me. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome! We got several good ones of our family (possibly Christmas Card pictures! I will just have to decide which one I like best!) and several good ones of my big belly, so that was fun!

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Check out this cool Look alike thingy a friend posted on myspace! It's a fun thing to try out anyway! This site, is a fun site that has all sorts of little things like this to play around with!

Maybe I'll compare my kids to their grandparents! That would be interesting!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Another cute senior!

I have another senior preview! This session was fun and easy, this senior girl is adorable and she had some good locations picked out! We went to a friend of theirs' home and a barn in a nearby field, and those were places I hadn't ever been before, and as you know, I love that! (I may have to get permission to use the barn again though, it was great!) Here's Alyssa:

I am hoping to have your proof book in time for Thanksgiving Break, I will call you the second I get it! Thanks for a great session, I am very pleased with them, and I hope you enjoy your images! :)


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hey blog readers!

I want you to know that I LOVE getting comments, but I have been getting some that aren't signed! I like to know who you are, too! :) You don't have to sign up with Blogger to leave a comment, you can leave it anonymously and put your name at the end. The blog contest this month is if you leave a comment your name will be put in a drawing for a free session, so you have to leave your name and email address to be eligible for that! So, please sign your comments! :)
Thanks so much!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sassy little girls

This session was so cute and fun! I originally met these 2 girls through my daughter, they played baseball together for the past 2 summers. They were very easy to work with, and we got lots of fun shots, both indoor and outdoor. Not to mention, they are so cute! Here are Alex & Dakota:
This is their "just like the big girls" shot!
I love this one of Dakota! As soon as I edited it, I put it on the front of my website. Her eyes are so pretty!Sorry Mom, I had to add a few of the funny ones too! :)
The 2 sides of Alex! She's adorable! And has a complexion I would trade her for anyday! :)

This picture is a pose that my younger sister and I did when we were young. The older sister makes the mad face and the younger one makes a mischievous face. I just think it's funny! :)
Mom, I hope you like the preview, and I should have the proof book early next time for Thanksgiving! Thanks for a fun session!