Friday, November 28, 2008

Caleb returns!

This little guy holds a special place in my heart, because I babysat him from the time he was 3 months old till I had to stop babysitting because photography was taking up all my time! :) He is a buddy of Ava's, she wanted to be there for his pictures, even though she hadn't seen him in months. Actually this session was done at my friend Alyssa's house down the street from me, because our power was out all day that day!
I have done pictures of Caleb several times, usually around this time of year because his birthday is right before Christmas, so he gets Christmas/Birthday photos. Here's Caleb:
Thanks for letting me take pictures of Caleb again, and it was great to see you all! :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

S-V PTO Fundraiser Photos...Beware, there are LOTS!!

This was a great opportunity for me to do something for our school's PTO, and a great way for me to meet several new people in our community and surrounding areas. I shot 47 sessions over one weekend, and wow, it was crazy! :) We were set up at the community building, but didn't have the same room booked for both days, so there was a lot of moving around and back and forth, and let's just say, I had a LOT of stuff to move! I had hauled every piece of equipment or prop that I own, and we sure did rearrange it all weekend! :)
Thanks to Pam who dealt with all the organization of the ticket sales and appointment times. Extra special thanks to my helpers, my sisters, Kimberly and Alisa, and my brother-in-law, Tony!! Not to mention my husband who hauled all my gear over to the community building in the first place and also hauled it all home! (Gotta get a studio!!) But we got the job done, and now the even bigger job of editing the photos is done too! So I thought I would post one photo from each session.
Just so you know, they are in no particular order, and also not necessarily the photo that will be your free 10x13!

Whew! :) If you see yourself or your kids on here, leave me a comment so I will know you saw it!
Happy Thanksgiving!