Monday, November 3, 2008

Haydon the Pirate

This session was for a little boy whom Ava currently says is her "boyfriend"! Until very recently her "boyfriends" have been a few of the high school boys in our youth group, but just in the last few weeks it has been Haydon! (Sorry Tyler and Kendall!) Last Friday night they were jumping in the big bouncer we had rented for our Trunk or Treat and Ava started yelling that Haydon was hitting her. It turned out that he was defending himself because she was trying to kiss him! :) Anyway, this was a fun session because Haydon's mom is a friend of mine, and Haydon and Ava are friends. Not to mention all you had to say was "booty" or "booger" and Haydon would give beautiful smiles!
Here's Haydon:I love the pirate pictures! He was quite the swashbuckler! :) You can't get an almost-4-year-old boy to stand still, especially in costume, so you just gotta go with it!
Thanks for letting me take Haydon's pictures, he was loads of fun!

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  1. What?!? How does Haydon not have any comments!!! These pictures are all so cute! I didn't know him and ava were official though haha..that's so cute!! Kendall will be devastated!