Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Laina's Senior Pictures

Laina is one of my Senior Reps, and I must say, I think she and her mom have been the best representatives that I had this year! Thanks you guys, I really appreciate it! :)
We did her rep pictures back in May, you might remember her from then, not to mention I have recently done photos of her with her mom and sisters. So she's been on here a lot...and she should be, she is so photogenic! I met up with them in Mt. Vernon after Laina got out of school, and before cheer practice...it was the only way to get it done! :)
First we did fall leafy pictures (believe it or not, at a cemetery) and then at the park:
Had to have a little fun freaking out the geese:
We ended up taking photos in the high school gym, but we weren't technically supposed to be there! There was volleyball practice going on, so we had to stick to the edges. But I thought we got some cute ones anyway!Who knew the seats were so reflective? Love this one!
Thanks Laina, for choosing me for your senior pics and doing the rep thing for me!


  1. Yeah, Laina is beautiful! I like the reflecting bleacher too :-)

  2. You photograph very well. Love your pictures. Holly Tate