Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baby Session and a family update

I hope everyone had a happy Easter! I know, it's been a long time since I posted (besides the one silly Easter pic of Ava!) but we have had Spring Break and Easter, so it has just been a busy time for our family. I haven't had time to do anything! (That seems pretty normal for me these days, with my high-maintenance 2 1/2 year old...more about her later... and my high-maintenance baby who won't sleep at night! :)

Anyway, I have a preview of a baby session I did just before Spring Break! He was about 3 months old, and so sweet! He seemed so big compared to my Cohen, I just can't believe that they grow SO FAST! Here's Trace:He is loving his mommy in all these pictures, he couldn't take his eyes off of her! :)
So sweet! I love baby sessions, and Trace did great! Thanks for letting me photograph him!

Here's a tiny preview for the 2 sessions that are currently waiting for their pictures:
Cool old car, huh? Fun family too! More to come...
I LOVE laughing pictures! Engagement sessions are one of my favorites! More later...

Here are my silly girls doing the basic teenage girl myspace picture! I think Daddy might have had something to do with this....
We took a little trip to Effingham to visit Johnny's parents for a few days since Maddie Kate and Johnny were on Spring Break. The day we headed up there, I had a Dr. appt, and I took Cohen with me, and Johnny took Ava and Maddie Kate to the mall. When they came back to pick me up, Ava was wearing a very mismatched outfit (sweatpants with boots). Johnny had had to dig out something else for her to wear out of her suitcase because she had an accident on the floor in Hibbetts! She has been potty trained for awhile now, but she has been regressing the past few weeks really badly. I don't know if it's an attention thing or what, but I can't wait till she gets it right again!
This is Cohen, the first time he ever wore overalls. He must think he's Superman. :)
These are my little Easter bunnies! Poor Cohen, he has no idea that mommy put silly bunny ears on him!
I did attempt some Easter photos with my girls in their Easter dresses, here are a few:

Johnny actually took this one of the glamorous Maddie Kate!
This next one is funny to me because it's actually just a timer picture! We didn't have any one to take a snapshot of us all together on Easter, (and I think my sister still has my tripod) so I set the camera on the piano bench and this is what we got:It's not the greatest, but at least we have a picture. And I know, we don't match, and only the girls actually look springy(they had to wear sweaters over their dresses), but Easter came so early this year, and it's not warm enough for spring clothing!Daddy with his boy!
And this is what happens when you hand the camera to a 6 year old! :)
This is Ava on Easter afternoon.

We didn't make her take a nap since my whole family was over for dinner and spent the afternoon, but about 6, she passed out sitting up on the couch watching Maddie Kate playing Wii.

This morning when I started typing this blog (It has taken pretty much all morning due to all my little interruptions! :) I heard Ava making a racket in Cohen's room. I went in to check and she was walking out holding Maddie Kate's Amazing Amanda doll. She said, "I put lipgloss on my girl." I looked and the doll looked fine, and I didn't see any lipgloss anywhere, so I figured she was just pretending. A few minutes later I walked back into the playroom to put a movie on for her, and discovered a little jar of Vaseline (which had been on Cohen's changing table) open on the floor, right next to Amazing Amanda. Upon closer inspection, I found Amazing Amanda had "lipgloss" all over her face, some in her hair, and all over her legs. A Barbie SUV that was sitting nearby was also covered from bumper to bumper with Vaseline.
Why does she do these things? How does she think of it? And how does she do them so quickly?! I can't possibly keep up! :) :(


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Birthday session!

I love closeups! Aren't her eyes beautiful?!
I had a session the other day with this adorable sweetie for her 1 year pictures. She was shy, but we did get her warmed up after awhile! I'm not one of those who believes you have to have a perfect smile to have a great photo, but I know most mommy's want at least a few smiles in their sessions (I know I like to see Ava's dimples, too!) and I think we accomplished that!
Here's Brooklyn:I love messy cake pictures, and I love her chubby cheeks! So cute!

Here she is with mom and dad! One of my favorite family poses! :)
Thanks for allowing me to take Brooklyn's photos, she was so sweet, and it was so nice to meet you all! I hope you enjoy your images, and I hope she has a great party tonight! :)

P.S. Today is the last day of the Cohen 10% off special, so if I don't hear from you today...it's too late! :)

P.S. Again: I forgot I wanted to add this storyboard I made of Brooklyn eating her birthday cake. She is so sweet!

Monday, March 10, 2008

It feels so wonderful...

to not be behind on my editing! I had so much work in the months before my maternity leave that it seemed I was always WAY behind! (Not that I am complaining about having lots of work! I love my job!) I am so happy to be finished editing a session that I photographed last Friday night! WooHoo! Benjamin is a "repeat client", I believe this is my 4th session with him! He did a great job too, he was in a great mood and full of fun! These are his 9 month pictures.
These pictures of him playing in the basket were so cute, and I thought they would look good as a storyboard. I love how it turned out! Thanks for letting me photograph your little guy, he's a blast! :)

Here's a little sneak peek for Brooklyn's mommy!
Look at those adorable toes! SO CUTE!
I'll have some more up soon! :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

One Month Old Already!

Today Cohen turned 1 month old. I can't believe he's already been here that long! I took some pictures of him (of course) and I have edited a few, so I thought I would share real quick before I go to sleep. This first one is Cohen posing with some of his Daddy's car books. These books are actually part of the vintage car decor in Cohen's room! The license plate in the next one came from Johnny's parents, and is also in Cohen's room!
Today I had my first session (well, besides my baby of course) since I took maternity leave back in January. I will try to post some in the next day or two! I actually have another session tomorrow! It is nice to get back into some new work, I'm excited about it.
Oh, and I want to remind everyone that you only have one more week to get your orders in before the Cohen 10% off special ends next Friday, the 14th!

P.S. I thought maybe I should add...I am not upset about the first two items on my previous Never say Never blog! I am totally happy that I am married to a youth pastor and totally happy that I have all the children that God has given me! But if there was a less obvious place to put the big dead deer head, I would have him put it there, but our house just isn't that big! Maybe someday...!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Once upon a time...I said I NEVER wanted to marry a farmer or a preacher...and I have been married to a youth pastor for almost 9 years.

Once upon a time...I said I NEVER wanted to have a baby until I had been married for 4-5 years...and my first child was born 3 weeks before my 2nd anniversary.

Once upon a time...I said I would NEVER have any dead stuffed animals hanging on the wall in my home...and check out what moved into our living room last Friday!
The moral of the story is, "Be careful what you say you will NEVER do!" (My other big never is that I always say I will never have 6 kids....maybe I better quit saying that! :)

My husband says that I must really love him for letting him bring this thing home and actually hang it up. Ava was asleep when he brought it in. She woke up and when she saw it, she immediately ran for me, crying. It was SCARY! But as you can see by the picture, her Daddy quickly changed her mind. They named the deer "Big D", and he is hanging (or should I say looming) over the sectional, and appears to be watching TV. Hope he doesn't mind Hannah Montana! :)