Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One for McKenzie & Kyler {Mt. Vernon, IL Trash the Dress Photographer}

Henry & Leo {Dahlgren, IL Children's Photographer}

This is Henry.

This is Leo.

This is Henry & Leo.

Guess what kind of session we had?....yup! Crazy fun!! :)
These two brothers are almost 4 and almost 2, and they were all over the place, and man were they FAST!

I chased them everywhere, and I think they might have even chased me a little! :)
We had a fun time, and I hope there are a few here that their mommy will love!

Thanks so much for choosing me for your pictures! I had a blast!

Colin @ 6 months {Mt.Vernon, IL Baby Photographer}

And here's Mr. Colin! He has grown into a handsome 6 month old with fabulous spiky blond hair...too cute!

Here he is with his parents, he's trying out his serious face...

All he wanted to do was look at the grass...

Great session Colin! I'll see you in a few months!

Bronx {Bluford, IL Newborn Photographer}

Bronx was born a little early, but he is doing well! He wasn't even to his due date yet when we took his newborn pictures...and I'm guessing that's why he was the most well behaved quiet tiny newborn I have ever had! I always set aside 3 hours for newborn sessions just in case, and Bronx only took an hour, he was perfection!

This shows how small he is...he doesn't even fill out the football cocoon!

And he actually fit into the pea pod bowl...I don't have many that are that little!!

He slept the whole time and never made a peep! Awesome session, Mr. Bronx! :)

Logan {Tamaroa, IL Newborn Photographer}

Here is sweet baby Logan, with his big pretty eyes! He did so good at his session, he's just a cute little guy!

When we were planning his session, his mommy sent me a picture of this hat and asked if I had anything like it. Out of all the hats in the world that it could be, I had the exact one! So here he is, wearing the blue elf hat!

He's tired, so session over! Good job, Logan!

Caden & Chloe {Marion, IL & Alabama Baby Photographer}

This is Caden & Chloe with their parents, aren't they a cute family!? They were visiting their grandma in Marion, but they live in Alabama, and I am so pleased that they came to see me while they were here!

Thanks for coming to see me while you were here! The babies are adorable!!

Lane {Sesser, IL Newborn Photographer}

Sweet baby! Lane was one month old the day we took these pictures, doesn't he have the cutest chubby cheeks!? And his sister Kayla was so sweet and got her picture taken with him, I love those!

And a few with mommy, too!

Yay for Lane! See you in a few months little buddy!