Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Ava Claire is 5....

This little face has been melting our hearts for 5 years now!! Where does the time go!!??

I went into labor with you on August 4th, but you weren't born until after midnight, so your birthday is August 5th.

I was at home that morning and had timed my contractions and thought it was probably time to go to the hospital! Daddy was at Junior Senior week of Camp Hope, so I got myself and Maddie Kate ready and went out to Camp.

They were playing a game where you build a cardboard boat and try to put as many people in it as possible without sinking it! so I hung out around the pool, timing my contractions and waiting for Johnny to get done playing.

I remember my friend Jackie was there, and she said, "I can't believe you are so calm! I would be running around yelling,'I'm havin' a baby!' " But I guess I had no reason to freak out, it wasn't major yet, and I was just patiently waiting on Johnny to get out of the pool! ha

So he did, and he went to get a shower, and Aunt Kimmy took Maddie Kate and gave her a shower and got her dressed for me, since she had ended up in the pool with all her clothes on! My friends Emilee & Kylie who were pregnant (with your buddies Trey & Molly) too came to get one last preggo picture together, and that pic is actually still up on the bulletin board in the office at camp!

Then we were off to the hospital! My friend Holly had just had her baby boy, Kaden, earlier that day, so I actually went down to her room for a quick visit before they put me in a bed! We were all having babies!!

I don't remember a lot about the labor part, but I do remember after I got the epidural I got soooo itchy!! And then really sleepy, so I kinda took a nap around midnight.

I remember laying facing Daddy and just looking into his eyes, and being so very happy that we had made you and that you were almost here!!

Then Dr. Walters came, and he started talking, like usual! :) and he was telling us all about his favorite palindromes. I thought it was a really funny conversation to be having right before having a baby! :)

Then you were born!!

The first thing I remember is noticing your dimple on one side. They took you over to the baby table, and I said, "she has a dimple on the left!" and Daddy said, "I saw one on the right!" and we knew you were going to have one of the cutest smiles EVER!

We were so very happy that you were finally here!! It had been a long hot summer for big preggo mommy, but I wanted you so much it was so very worth it!! And it was the next day before we realized that we had named you...a palindrome...!

As you grew, we learned quickly that you were a goofy comedian! You were always making faces to make us laugh, even before you could talk!

You have gorgeous auburn hair, and you always tell everyone that you have auburn eyes, too.

When you were 2 and 3, you were sooooo much trouble! Back when I started this blog, that was probably every other post, something crazy that you had done!!

You used to call me "sucka" (short for Jessica) and you scribbled with black sharpie on the new sectional, you were always dumping something out and pasting yourself with were a mess, but it was always hilarious!

I hope that you always know how much we love you! Words can't explain how your Daddy and I feel about you...

Love you baby girl!!


  1. Love, love, love Ava's new pictures and your blog about her!! Made me cry. Happy Birthday to a very special big girl who is five today!
    --Vickie (Grandma)

  2. The pictures are soo cute and the blog is very sweet! Happy birthday Ava!

  3. i love that sooo much Maddie Kate

  4. Jessica theses are really GOOD pictures of her, she is sooooo PRETTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - Kota (Maddie Kate`s BFF)