Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Christmas Girls

I thought I would post a few of my girls' Christmas pictures just for fun! Ava wanted to have her picture taken so badly with the Christmas props after she watched me do some other ones! She reminded me daily for at least a week! So I had one session of her by herself, and then later I did both girls together and Maddie Kate on her own.
Ava is becoming quite the poser, just like her sister! But she doesn't cooperate for too long! It did help when Daddy came in to make them smile. I thought we got several good ones, and I LOVE the black and white ones the most!
I am 33 weeks preggo, (and feeling like 40) so if you are interested, click HERE!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Family fun & a Wedding Preview

It's actually Christmas Morning, very early, but I have been wanting to get this blog done for a few days, and so I'm going to before I go to sleep!
First off, some fun family pics!
Here is Maddie Kate at her school Christmas Program cheesing for me!
She did a pretty good job with the moves and singing, she's a little performer! One of the songs was something about "shopping online" which I thought was so funny & cute! Maddie Kate has still been singing it at home sometimes and doing the little typing moves that go with it.
This is Ava in a giant stocking! It is actually one of my chair covers. I meant to put a kid in it for pictures and totally forgot!
This is our youth group doing the Live Nativity at Sesser Park last week. Johnny works very hard to set this up every year, it's very cute, but usually very cold! This year was no exception! It was actually scheduled to be 3 nights, but after the first night we had bad weather and snow, so we had to cancel it.Here's Ava and Maddie Kate (with Dylan, who I was very surprised was so cool about being an angel!) being angels on top of the stable. Ava liked it, but she didn't stay up there all night, she got bored and ran around a lot!
Here's Maddie Kate making a snow angel.The result!
Ava had been all excited about putting on her "snow clothes" and going out to play, but once we got outside, I don't think it was as fun as she thought it was going to be! She did like being pulled in the sled by Daddy though!

The following pictures are what happens when my husband gets together with our youth group boys to play in the snow! I think this is Tyler.
They built a ramp and drove the 4 wheeler around the barn and ramped a water floaty over it. They made me come out and do some pictures and they videoed it too. They had a good time!
Here's Johnny getting his guts up to let Tyler drive him on the floaty!
Boys are crazy.
Now I have a wedding preview for Sarah and Shon! This was a fun wedding to photograph. The Bride and Groom were so cute and loving with each other, and had such a fun wedding party!
I love these!
We got to go to the Bride's uncle's house between the wedding and the reception, and they had a great barn to use for photos! I really love the barn pictures!The next few photos are some my assistant, Alisa took. (I forgot to give my assistant, Heather, credit on some of the last wedding previews! Sorry about that! :) )

Thanks to the bride and groom for allowing me to take your wedding photos, it was a good time, and I think we got lots of great shots! Your online viewing is all set up, so hopefully you will be able to show them to some family and friends over the holidays! :)


Friday, December 21, 2007

Wedding Preview!

Things have been insane lately with Christmas rushing, orders and everything, not to mention I am really pregnant (32 weeks) and all the Christmas shopping that I have waited until the last minute to do! I do have some fun family stuff to blog, but I will have to do that later, because right now I only have time for one thing:
I have a wedding preview for Chantal & Daniel! Yeah!

I love outdoor weddings! This one was held at the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds, so pretty! Guys, thanks so much for letting me take part in your special day, and I am setting up your online viewing right now, so as soon as it's ready I'll let you know! :)

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2007

One more last senior of 07!

Well, I thought I was done with Seniors, but one more managed to sneak in on me! :) We had a mini-session that we are planning to finish up in the spring with some outdoor/location photos, but at least she will have something now to turn in for Sesser's yearbook!
Here's Justyna:I think this one is my favorite, though I really love the one below, too!
I thought these turned out awesome! Thanks for a great session and I will set up your online viewing by tonight so you can see the rest and make your choices before Christmas Break!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Two Maternity Sessions!

I am so excited about these pictures! Believe it or not, these are the first maternity pictures I have ever done, and I did these sessions within 3 days of each other! I am happy with how they turned out! First is Bethany:Then the next day Kari called and said "I am being induced in 2 days, is there any way you could get me in for belly pics with my kids? If I don't do it, I am really going to regret it!" So she came and we did some fun ones with her children.

I hope you guys like your pictures! :)