Thursday, December 6, 2007

Second post today?!

I finished another senior (I think my last one for 2007...) and I wanted to get her preview up! When we set up her appointment, she had a cast on her arm that she didn't want in her pictures, so we decided to do a mini-session so she would have a few to choose from for the yearbook (here at Sesser, those are due when the kids leave school for Christmas Break), and finish up her session in the spring when her cast was off and the weather is prettier. She got to take her cast off early, but we went ahead and did the mini-session anyway! We'll finish her pics up in April or May, and think it will be fun to have spring senior pictures! Here's Jessica:
This one is per her mom's colorize only the earrings! :)
What a fun dress for pictures! Maybe we'll have to use it for a few more outdoors in the spring! Thanks for a great mini-session, and I will get your online viewing set up so you can get your choices made so we can meet the yearbook deadline! :)

I have had a request for a package for younger high school girls, something like a "Sweet 16" Session. If you are interested in this, I recommend that you look at the Children/Family/Engagement Session information on the website. We can do one of those sessions for any individual. Sometime soon I'll try to come up with set session policies for it, but for now, I think it would be basically the same as the other sessions, just maybe with a few more outfit changes!



  1. As soon as i saw the girl sitting with the red dress around her i thought "what a good dress for pictures" then I read you say it.