Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Lots of storyboards and Christmas Cards, that's what I did today! What is a storyboard?
A storyboard is a collection of photos from your session that are all on the same print. I take the photos you select and design your storyboard depending on the size you choose. (Usually an 11x14 or larger) It can have names, words, or any titles that you want! There are so many choices and possibilities with as storyboard, and it is a really cute way to display lots of images at one time!
I thought I'd do a quick post just to show a few storyboards that I have done today and in the past few months. (I won't be showing any Christmas cards, because I just feel like that's not fair to the people sending them! :) )
Anyway, here are a few of the many storyboards that I created for families today!
This one is one of my favorites! I really like the colors and the cowboy look!
I wasn't sure what to do at first with this mishmash of photos, but I decided to make it look like all the photos had just been dropped onto the background, and I thought it turned out really cute!Lots of Cowboy storyboards today! :)
Now here are a few I did a few months ago of the baby girl twins.
These next ones are some I did last year for Christmas gifts for some of the kids I used to babysit for.

These below are storyboards I made for Johnny's parents of his grandparents. (There is one more grandma, but I can't seem to find her storyboard)
These are some storyboards I made earlier in the year, originally as covers for my proof books, but the mommies liked them so much they ordered them as prints!

And lastly, this is a storyboard I made of Ava celebrating her first year!
This is something that would be so cute if you had several sessions done during baby's first year! Choose your favorite image from each session and have them all together on one print showing your babies growth! (Just in case you were wondering, the storyboards do not say "Jessica Hollis Photography" great big on them! That's just the watermark for my blog! :) )

So those are some ideas for you in case you are interested in having a storyboard made from your past or current session with me! There are so many endless possiblities! Contact me today if you are interested in having one made! They make wonderful gifts!


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