Sunday, August 31, 2008

Two boys and a few deer!

Once again, another first! I got to photograph some little boys at their home, and they had some bottle fed deer that we got to take their pictures with! Their home is beautiful, and they had a great pond with big rocks around it, and a dock...all made for just wonderful pictures! Not to mention, the boys are cuties! Here are Gage & Zane:
The classic "fishface", I love it!
And their beautiful weimaraner! What a cool dog! :)
Thanks to you boys for being so cooperative and sweet for your session! I had a lot of fun with you!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Emily's Senior Pictures

I definitely had a great session with Emily, her mom, and her "hairdresser/stylist" who came along...also another first! :) They had chosen a pretty field of flowers and the beach for a few of her locations, and I think that both were a great choice! I think some of my favorites are when Emily actually got in the water and got her hair wet! Very supermodel! :) Those are very fun photos! Here's Emily:Very pretty blue eyes!
Thanks so much Emily for a fabulous session!
I have a wedding tomorrow, so I'm heading to bed! Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend! :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jase's Senior Portraits

Jase is my Woodlawn High School Senior Rep, so he had his second session done a few weeks ago. (You might remember his first session back in May/early June.) Another first, we went to the high school for some of his session! Thanks Jase, for being a Senior Rep! Here are some of my favorites from his session:

If you are thinking of booking a fall session, let me encourage you to contact me asap! My September is almost completely booked solid, and I'm starting to book October. If you are a senior with a yearbook deadline, please don't delay! You don't want to wait until the weather will be questionable or we have to rush to beat your school's deadline! :) Thanks!

Maggie's Senior Session

This senior season has been a bunch of firsts for me! It seems everyone has been coming up with nifty locations and ideas for their sessions this year! Maggie wanted to do photos at the beach and with their family's boat (the boat photos are a first for me..), and we even took a little boat ride, which was fun! Here's Maggie:I would love to have curls like that! :)
A cheerleader with some attitude!
Thanks for choosing me for your senior photos and for a fun session!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Time for some SENIORS

This is the first of MANY senior sessions that have taken place over the past couple of weeks, and are going to take place over the upcoming month! It's definitely senior season! Rebecca had some unique locations for her photos, I really enjoy trying out new places to see what we can come up with! Not to mention, I haven't ever taken pictures with a horse before, so that was fun! Here's Rebecca:

Thanks, Rebecca for choosing me for your senior pictures! I am setting up your online viewing and will have your proof book in a few days! :)