Monday, March 3, 2008


Once upon a time...I said I NEVER wanted to marry a farmer or a preacher...and I have been married to a youth pastor for almost 9 years.

Once upon a time...I said I NEVER wanted to have a baby until I had been married for 4-5 years...and my first child was born 3 weeks before my 2nd anniversary.

Once upon a time...I said I would NEVER have any dead stuffed animals hanging on the wall in my home...and check out what moved into our living room last Friday!
The moral of the story is, "Be careful what you say you will NEVER do!" (My other big never is that I always say I will never have 6 kids....maybe I better quit saying that! :)

My husband says that I must really love him for letting him bring this thing home and actually hang it up. Ava was asleep when he brought it in. She woke up and when she saw it, she immediately ran for me, crying. It was SCARY! But as you can see by the picture, her Daddy quickly changed her mind. They named the deer "Big D", and he is hanging (or should I say looming) over the sectional, and appears to be watching TV. Hope he doesn't mind Hannah Montana! :)


  1. bwahahahhahahaha!!! I wonder how long it will be before I have a Big D in my house, too!

    I miss you!

  2. Wow you actually let him hang it in the living room? You are a wonderful wife! Ours is hanging in the stairway down to the basement. It follows you every step.


  3. WOW!!!! You must be the world's greatest wife! If my hubby asked me to put one in our place I'd tell him it's either him or the deer!!

  4. LOL! Wow!

    Isn't it true though....never say never.

  5. no no no no no.
    you are inches away from turning into a jeff foxworthy household.
    not good.
    please, no.

  6. I think my dad would like to hang his deer in our living room, but I think my mom said no way. So they all have their own little room where they hang together on the wall...haha.