Friday, March 7, 2008

One Month Old Already!

Today Cohen turned 1 month old. I can't believe he's already been here that long! I took some pictures of him (of course) and I have edited a few, so I thought I would share real quick before I go to sleep. This first one is Cohen posing with some of his Daddy's car books. These books are actually part of the vintage car decor in Cohen's room! The license plate in the next one came from Johnny's parents, and is also in Cohen's room!
Today I had my first session (well, besides my baby of course) since I took maternity leave back in January. I will try to post some in the next day or two! I actually have another session tomorrow! It is nice to get back into some new work, I'm excited about it.
Oh, and I want to remind everyone that you only have one more week to get your orders in before the Cohen 10% off special ends next Friday, the 14th!

P.S. I thought maybe I should add...I am not upset about the first two items on my previous Never say Never blog! I am totally happy that I am married to a youth pastor and totally happy that I have all the children that God has given me! But if there was a less obvious place to put the big dead deer head, I would have him put it there, but our house just isn't that big! Maybe someday...!


  1. I love these pics! He is getting so big!! I want you to know you and your family is such a blessing to us!

  2. Such sweet pics!!! Can't wait to see your pics from your sessions!!