Friday, March 14, 2008

Birthday session!

I love closeups! Aren't her eyes beautiful?!
I had a session the other day with this adorable sweetie for her 1 year pictures. She was shy, but we did get her warmed up after awhile! I'm not one of those who believes you have to have a perfect smile to have a great photo, but I know most mommy's want at least a few smiles in their sessions (I know I like to see Ava's dimples, too!) and I think we accomplished that!
Here's Brooklyn:I love messy cake pictures, and I love her chubby cheeks! So cute!

Here she is with mom and dad! One of my favorite family poses! :)
Thanks for allowing me to take Brooklyn's photos, she was so sweet, and it was so nice to meet you all! I hope you enjoy your images, and I hope she has a great party tonight! :)

P.S. Today is the last day of the Cohen 10% off special, so if I don't hear from you's too late! :)

P.S. Again: I forgot I wanted to add this storyboard I made of Brooklyn eating her birthday cake. She is so sweet!


  1. Brooklyn is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I work with her mommy so I have been awaiting these pics. all week, you really captured the essence of a happy birthday with the cake pics!

  2. How gorgeous are these pics!!! Love the second pic (close up)!! She is sooooo pretty!!

  3. Absolutely way too cute.....and love that storyboard!!!

  4. These are great Jessica! So cute!