Friday, November 14, 2008

Me Rambling & Jami's Senior Session

Things have been crazy here as usual! But first, I just realized I never posted any Halloween pics of my kids! Here we have Shawn Johnson, the Olympic gymnast: (yes, I did have to talk Maddie Kate out of being Miley Cyrus... and this is what she came up with instead!)Then we have Dora the Explorer and a caterpillarDora can't look at the camera though...I'm not sure why! :)And this is the face Cohen made everytime he wore the caterpillar costume...the whole time he was wearing it! It made him very serious. I don't know if it was just confining or what! He never cried about it, he just made the serious face, like he was annoyed. But at least I knew he was warm!
This past weekend my friend Kellie came to hang out with the kids while our husbands spent the entire weekend in the woods hunting. We had fun, though the guys didn't get any deer...they left on Friday afternoon, and the big PTO fundraiser started that evening. I took pictures for 3 hours on Friday night, about 6 hours on Saturday, and then 5 hours on Sunday afternoon! It was quite a time! And now I have 48 sessions to edit...ahhhh! :)
Then on Tuesday, Maddie Kate had the day off for Veteran's Day, so we went to visit Johnny's parents for the day.
We had been having a few weird electric problems the few days before, but yesterday we only had power in half the house! So we had to have a guy from our church come check it out (he's a retired electrician) and our entire breaker box had to be rebuilt. Part of it was burnt and melted, I guess we could have burned our house down! I don't understand electricity things, but I do know this is a big deal!! We had about 7-8 hours yesterday afternoon and evening when we had no power at all....something you seriously take for granted until you don't have it anymore!! I had a session yesterday afternoon, and I had to set up at my friends house down the street since I couldn't plug in my lights!
Also, I can't go that long without my computer, and that is too much time to waste when you have as much work on your plate as I do. So we ran two very very long extension cords from my brother's house (he lives next door) into my front room, and plugged up my and Alisa's computers and a lamp for the electrician to see to fix the breaker. The girls got blankets and I set them up with the mini-DVD player, and we just had a nice dark evening with no lights and no phone! Not to mention the Alltel service has been so messed up lately, I only have phone service on my cell about 5% of the time! But they got the electric all redone last night, so we have power now, thank goodness!!

Now for some pictures! This session had a definite "first", I had never done senior pictures with two boxers before! They were very rambunctious too! Poor Jami had to hold onto them for dear life to get a picture with them, and they were pretty much dragging her around. Not to mention we had gone out by the lake, and it was insanely windy there that day!
But we got lots of great photos, so it was worth it to freeze!Thanks Jami, for choosing me for your senior pictures!

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  1. I'm glad you put up the pics of the kids from halloween!! I hadn't seen them yet and I wasn't here that weekend.
    They looked so adorable!!