Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kynadi's 4 months old! {Sesser, IL Children's Photographer}

You know how summer can be...CRAZY! Kynadi didn't make it for her 3 month session :) , so this is her 4 month session, which I think turned out great! At 4 months babies can smile more consistently and hold themselves up better, I was very pleased!
Kynadi also had several pictures taken with her big brother Logan, and her big sister, Bailee.

Thanks for a great cute session! You kids did fabulous!


  1. I absolutely love the one with the flowers and her laughing! The one with her crying while being kissed is adorable too! Makes me long for those days!!

  2. OH MY! She is such a cutie!!! LOVE the one of the older two kissing her and she is crying LOL

  3. very nice shots.. All of the kids are beautiful but that little baby is just so precious.. Very nice work and I know your clients will love them. :)