Thursday, August 13, 2009

For the Brides & Grooms {Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer}

This is a wedding album I did earlier in the year, and I really wish I would have gotten a studio sample copy for myself to show off, at least I did take pictures of it! I ♥ this album, I wish I had one like it from my wedding!

This is a 10x10 15 page flush mount album. Standard black leather, with silver gilding and cover imprinting. (The only thing I would do differently is if you are going to include this many pictures you might want to go bigger!) Here's how it works: the bride & groom chose the photos they wanted, I did the digital design work and posted it on the client proofing site for them to approve. Then we made a few changes to finalize, and voila! Here they have a beautiful album to remember their wedding day for a lifetime!

Front Cover:

Inside Cover:

Front page:

My favorite page of the whole book:

Final page:

This one is to show how the book lays flat when open:

Each book comes with a black presentation box and pillowcase-type black slipcover for safekeeping.
So there you have it! An album is a must have for any bride and groom!


  1. I love our album!!! Thank you Jessica :)

  2. That is way cool!! I wish I had something like that! It would be cool to do one of a kid and have it show different stages and ages. Wish I you were doing this when Taylor was a baby. But you would have been maybe 14! haha