Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ashley {Sesser & Mascoutah, IL Senior Photographer}

I love Senior Season! It's probably the time I get to be the most creative and produce more "artsy" photos, because seniors like their photos to be edgier than most other types of sessions. I keep being surprised by people who travel to have their photos done by me, but I guess I should stop being surprised, because it's been happening a lot lately! Thanks to everyone who has helped my grow my business through word of mouth! It's the best advertisement out there! :)

I think Ashley really ought to consider modeling. She is just beautiful, and at her height she would be perfect!

Thanks for a great session Ashley! Hope you enjoy your pictures!


  1. How tall is she and where does she play?

  2. Those are great Jessica!!!! As always you rocked the shoot! How in the world is she going to narrow these down for wallets!?!?! They are all awesome!