Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sesser-Valier H.S. Senior Cheerleaders

This session was so much fun! We had put it off twice before because of rain and other things, but this day we didn't let anything stop us...even rain! We did all the outdoor pictures while it was drizzling! We decided to have the girls up where the overhang would keep them dry, but I was soaked by the time we were done. One of the girls loaned me her hoodie, but I covered the camera with it instead of myself! Definitely a challenging shoot! :) Picture me, standing on a stepladder in the rain with my camera covered with a pink hoodie trying to take pictures! LOL! But the girls were fun and up for anything, and we got some great images.
Oh, and notice what their shirts say...

This one is my favorite:

Thanks for a very fun session girls! Enjoy these pics...and your last few weeks as high school seniors! :)


  1. YOU ARE AMAZING! there is no other way to explain it but amazing! :) The pictures turned out GREAT! I am so excited and cant believe how cute they all are! Not a single bad one :) oh and the laughing one actually doesn't look corny! Thank you soooo much for taking out pics and I can't wait to order them all!
    -michelle :)

  2. These are incredible! I'm so jealous that you got such a fun group of girls to photograph! I do wish there was a photo of you taking pics, though! :)

  3. What a fun group of teens. LOVE LOVE LOVE the one you posted as your own favorite. I think that's my fav too.

  4. LOVE these pictures but am a bit partial,:)
    I am one of the "cheer moms"!!!

  5. This was sooo much fun! Thanks for doing the pics for us Jessica!! definately gonna be ordering some of these!! :-)
    -Maggie Mae