Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Over 40,000 hits!

I just realized my stat counter just went over 40,000 hits!
Thanks to all of you who have helped make my little dream a reality! :)

In honor of this milestone, how about a little blog contest? I think it's time for me to give back a little to someone deserving! :)

Here's what we're gonna do:
Leave a comment and tell me about someone who you believe is deserving of a free session. It can be anyone, for any reason that you feel is worthy. ( for example: they can't afford custom photography, or they are sick...or they have the most outdated photos you have ever seen and are in desperate need of new ones...lol!) Even if you think the deserving person is yourself, tell me about it! If you don't want it to be a comment where everyone can read it, that's fine too, just email it to me at info@jessicahollisphotography.com.

If I pick your person ( I may do it randomly if it is too hard to choose) to be the winner of the free session, then you will win either a free session yourself, or a $50 gift card to your favorite restaurant (your choice!)


  1. hello jessica.
    i would like to suggest my aunt and uncle for the blog contest. they are both very sick. my aunt has female cancer and my uncle is on dialysis. They both are limited in working. She can't work at all right now. So, with all the medical bills im sure this would be awesome. they could use the session for tjs senior pictures. its my aunt debbie and uncle danny. tj eubanks lives with them. he is their grandson. they could always use the restaurant gift card. haha. well thats who i think should get it.
    thanks!! =)

    -taylor myers

  2. I want to nominate my Aunt and Uncle for the blog contest. They both are battling health problems right now. She has female cancer and is unable to work. Her treatments are in St. Louis so she has to travel. My uncle takes kidney dialysis 3 times a week which keeps him from working. They are raising their grandson, TJ. He will be a senior in the fall. This session would definitely help with his Senior portraits. Please consider them for this contest.

    --Taylor Myers

  3. Jessica, I love this idea. I would like to nominate my aunt and uncle for your contest. They both have major health problems right now. She has cancer and he is on kidney dialysis. Her illness has rendered her unable to work and his has limited his ability to work. They are raising their grandson who will be a Senior next year. This free session would help so much when it comes to Senior pic time. Their names are Debby and Danny Malkovich.

  4. I love this idea for a contest. i would like to nominate my aunt and uncle for this contest. They both are facing major health crises. She has cancer and he is undergoing kidney dialysis. Her condition has rendered unable to work and his limits his ability to work. They are raising their grandson who will be a senior next Fall. This would be amazing for them in order to get his pics taken.

  5. My walls are bare, I have no pictures!! Please help me!! LOL! I am really trying to think hard of some one in need of Jessica Hollis Photography..... but I have sent everyone I know your way! :)

  6. Jessica, If you haven't gave away this blog candy I would really love the chance to win the session. My children are all growing older and going their own ways and would love to have some pictures to cherish before it is too late. If I still had my fabulous job at Maytag I would have hired you long ago. I lost my job at Maytag and went to school for two years and am now working at McDonalds trying to make my way to management because work is hard to find right now. My oldest son is 17 and my daughter is 15 and my youngest son is 12. I would love a free session if your blog candy hasn't been given away.