Monday, May 4, 2009

The Portell family...minus dad...

It was so great to get to photograph the Portells while they were home in the states. They are missionaries to France and were home for a month or so (I think), but they left Dad at home in France! So the photos are kind of like a Mom & Me session!
A lot of my sessions have had rain issues lately, and this one was no exception. We had to reschedule due to rain and then shoot most of the session inside because of rain. We got outside for a few at the end though, and it was sprinkling on us!

This one is a compilation of all the crazy faces McGwire was making during the session:

Thanks for letting me photograph your family while you all were here! I'm sure Dad will be very happy to see you when you get home! :)


  1. These are PERFECT! I love the facials that your captured!!

  2. Okay, they should win the award for America's Cutest Family!!! Oh, I love them all. You really caught the kids personalities. Great job as always :)

  3. Oh my...Little Matthew Portell! These are great pics!!