Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Million Sneak Peeks!...just kidding, it's just five...

I have a ton of sessions I'm working on (not to mention a wedding), but I thought I would get little peeks up for everyone who is currently waiting to get proofs back. There are a lot, so hang in there! First, a super cute Senior Rep for Benton, Jessica:A few of Jessica & Steve's wedding (lots of gals with my name lately! :)
Two little cute pies, Carrigan & Lilly:
The Jenkins Family & Baby Leila:
And last but not least, my sister Alisa and her boyfriend, Cody. My poor family always has to wait the longest time to get their proofs! I promise I'll get to them eventually! :)
All of you watch for more coming soon!!
Everyone have a fun day with your Mom tomorrow for Mother's Day!! :)


  1. Love all the peeks! I love that one with the little in the pick chair in the field! Too cute!! Your sister's are great!!!

  2. Hey. All the sneak peeks look great. I love Lilly's close up!

    Tiffany Petro

  3. I just had to tell you! No matter how bad I feel I look at that pic of Cohen and it just puts a huge smile on my face!!!!

  4. i love our pics!!!