Monday, May 5, 2008

Holly's Belly & family stuff

The sneak peek from Saturday is from this session that I just finished up! I love belly pics, these turned out so cute!

Super congratulations you two! I'll be praying everything goes great when the little guy gets here! Can't wait to meet him! :)

I just realized I didn't talk about my Nashville trip last weekend at all! We had a lot of fun shopping and eating out and going to garage sales. Nashville has great sales, and there were about a million in the newspaper, but we could only go to the ones that I knew the area they were in! And it has been quite awhile since I have lived there (almost 7 years) so we just stuck to what I knew. We packed my Yukon completely full of stuff, and actually had to leave some of it there in the dorm with my sister!(I know, that's awful, but she doesn't have a roommate at least and she comes home this week anyway!) Cohen did great being drug around everywhere, but I think Maddie Kate got a little bored of the shopping! Ava had a great weekend staying home with her Daddy though! She got to go to the circus on Friday night, and he took her fishing on Saturday. All week, she has been talking about the elephants, clowns, and riding on a horse. I left my point and shoot with Johnny and he took some of Ava's adventures so I could see what she did while I was gone.I LOVE these ones of her fishing! They are adorable! Even if she has insane hair because I wasn't there to fix it! :)

This weekend was a busy one too, our youth group had a concession stand at an auction, and boy, it was a lot of work (especially for Johnny!) He had lots of good help though, and it went well. Johnny's parents came down for the day, so my kids spent the day with Grandma! I was running back and forth from the auction to my session, to a few of the town wide yard sales we had that day, to the auction, and then to get the kids. My father-in-law bid on a few items for me at the auction, and I have a few new props and a very old Brownie camera! I have been collecting cameras for quite awhile, and this one is probably the oldest one I have. I am planning to display them someday when I get a studio!
I'll leave you with this picture of Cohen wearing Mr. Potato Head glasses...poor kid! :)
Hope everyone has a great Monday, enjoy the beautiful weather!