Thursday, May 15, 2008

A 2nd Benton Senior Rep..also named Jessica...believe it or not!

When Jessica, my first Benton Rep called me to say she had found me another rep and her name was Jessica too, I couldn't hardly believe it! I know my name is pretty common, but wow! This is crazy! Anyway, we had a fun little session trekking through the weeds and driving around to some different locations. Once again, here's Jessica:

Thanks to Jessica for being willing to be a senior rep for Jessica Hollis Photography!

I do have a boy senior rep lined up, but we couldn't get his session in until next week. I'm excited though, to have a guy doing the Senior Rep thing for me.
Well, Cohen has already been asleep for over an hour, so I have to get to sleep before he decides it's time to get up again! :)


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  1. These turned out great Jessica, bet she loves them!!