Friday, May 30, 2008

Fun Family Session!

I finished these up earlier today, but haven't had a chance yet to blog them, so here they are, in the middle of the night! Maddie Kate is having her birthday sleepover with her buddies, and they are full of sugar and not ready for bed yet...I'm falling over in my chair with heavy eyelids...but they are still going strong, so I'm blogging to keep myself awake!
This was one of the funnest family sessions that I think I have ever had, and I am so pleased at how the pictures turned out. They were all very cooperative and ready to do the fun stuff (like jumping in a meadow), and that makes for great photos! Here is the Jenkins family:
Above: Isn't this just how it works once there's a little one in the family!?
Above: This one is the cover of their new CD! lol

Thanks for letting me photograph your family! Leila's pics coming soon! :)

Well, I'm gonna try to get these girls to settle down so I can get some sleep! :)


  1. Awesome family Session!! everyone looks like they are having a lot of fun, speaks volumes for you!!

  2. I wonder how many times they had to jump? :)