Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Wiggly Peanut

Today was my 12 week Baby Dr. appointment, so Johnny left camp this morning, and we met up to go together. We even took the girls with us because I wanted them to see the baby, too. I knew this would be a big deal to Maddie Kate, and of course it was to Johnny too, since he was in Arkansas the last time I went a few weeks ago. So they all got to see the baby, and the Dr. measured it at 2 inches and it was wiggling!! It's so funny to me, even though I have seen my babies on ultrasounds a lot, just that it is really in there, and actually kicking, waving, and moving around is so strange, especially since I can't even feel it yet! It looks a lot more like a baby this time though!

The baby has it's hand up near it's forehead in this picture, and you can see the little feet pretty well too. I know babies are a very common miracle, but if you really think about the fact that this baby is only 2 inches long (the picture is about lifesize) and that it actually can kick and move and make fists and has expressions, and has teeny tiny little heart that actually beats and teeny tiny little fingerprints already, it is a truly amazing gift from God!
I'm already in love! :)

Addition to this post: Click here
to see what the baby looks like and what's developing at 12 weeks!


  1. Your little Peanut is so cute!! It is amazing how we can fall in love so fast with someone we haven't even met. He :) already has an awesome mommy!!

  2. It is such a miracle! "The smallest things take up the biggest space in our hearts." I hope that you are feeling better!

  3. The picture of our 3rd grandchild is awesome! I'm reminded of the verse in Psalms that says this baby is fearfully and wonderfully made. God is good!!

    Love you,