Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ava's 2nd Birthday Party & An Engagement Session

Last night we had Ava's two year old birthday party, though her birthday isn't until Sunday, the 5th. She had lots of guests despite my very late invitations (I didn't mail them until Monday!) and lots of presents! We have saved a few things to give her on her birthday, though I'm sure she doesn't know the difference, we want her to have something to open on her real birthday. This is the first birthday that she actually opened her own gifts, and as far as gifts go, the theme of the day turned out to be Dora! Which was perfect since in the last week or so she has just decided that she really likes watching Dora the Explorer. She also really enjoyed her cake!
Her icing turned her face into the Grinch! After I took some pictures of her messy face I showed her one on the camera, and she started trying to rub her face with her towel! She wanted that green stuff off! I do have a little funny story about Ava I forgot to tell: A few weeks ago she was singing with the kids at church, and she had been doing a very good job participating, and the audience was laughing at her a lot. When she and the other kids got done, she started down off the stage and she said, "I think they enjoyed us!" The pastor over heard her and was laughing so hard he almost fell off the stage. I have no idea how or where she learned the proper usage of the word "enjoyed" but somehow she did! Thanks to everyone who came and helped make the day a special one for Ava and our family!

This baby cooking thing is still keeping me in a state of constant exhaustion, so if you are waiting on your wedding or session pictures, please be patient with me! I have a lot of post-production work to get done and don't feel well enough to stay up late every night and get it all finished! I refuse to do a sloppy job for the sake of hurrying it up, so if you can hang on a little longer, I promise you will get your photos, and they will not be half-hearted! Thanks to all my loyal clients! :)

Here are some engagement photos from a session I had the other day that I thoroughly enjoyed! This good-looking couple had so much fun with their session, and were totally a joy to work with!
This last one is my favorite! I'm sure I will be using it somewhere for something promotional soon. This couple is getting married at the end of August, and I am looking forward to their wedding. They were fun-loving, obviously in love, and very photogenic, all which made it very easy to take their pictures! I'll be calling you guys next week when I get the proof book!


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