Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ava Strikes Again Plus Lots More....

The other day while I was getting ready, Ava walks into my bathroom with some suspicious goo all over her hands and one foot. She held her hands together, said, "Mommy, I breaked it!" and pulled her hands apart quickly. I notice the goo on her foot is yellowish, and realize it must be EGGS. So I go into the kitchen and here's what I find:
I knew it wasn't the greatest thing when she figured out how to open the fridge, but so far all she had done was get sippy cups out! Then a few nights ago, Valerie and Jennifer were babysitting while I took some Senior pictures, she escaped from them and went into my bathroom, somehow reached the hand soap, and proceeded to "wash" her hair with it! No water needed! The girls were laughing about it when I got back, and I said, "See, everyone just thinks I don't watch her good, but she can be gone and doing something insane in an instant!"

I am 14 weeks pregnant now, starting the 2nd trimester, hoping to get some energy back, and you can click HERE if you would like to read about a 14 week old baby!

I thought I would be posting a few Current River pics by now, but I still don't have the water camera pics on CD from Alisa, so I will post a few I took when we were no where near the water!! They aren't as fun maybe, but there was NO WAY my camera was getting wet!

This is the girls on the last day, all ready to head home! Can you tell which one Johnny always says is going to be the class clown?

This is my family! I am the oldest of 6 kids, and I am married with 2 kids, and one of my sister's is married, so it makes a total of 12 people so far. Starting at the left: Troy, Logan, Daddy, Ben, Mom, Tony (bro-in-law), Kimmy, Me, Johnny, Ava, Maddie Kate and Alisa. We are standing in front of the house my parents rented for all of us to stay together in. It was pretty cool!
This is Ava with my Dad. We went down to Blue Springs before we went to Lambert's and home. It's very pretty there!
Johnny took this pic of me and Maddie Kate walking to the spring. I keep telling him he has an eye for photos! :)

Last night we had the youth group over for one last get together before the college students move away to school and the other kids start back to high school/jr high. I must say, having the kids over is always fun, but I didn't feel too well last night, which made me mad. I wanted to have fun! We have 2 girls going to the Bible College in Nashville, TN plus my sister Alisa is going too, so there is going to be a huge hole in our youth group and in my friends!
This is Jennifer, Valerie, Me & Ava, Alisa, and Heather. Jenn, Val, and Alisa (we call her Sweed) are all going away to school this weekend. Heather was away last year, but is going to stay here and go to Rend Lake this year, so at least everyone isn't leaving!! :) I will miss you girls!!! I love you!
This is the crew. Several kids had already had to leave before we took the picture though!

Lastly, some JHP pictures. These are of a family that I shot a few weeks ago at their home. They have a beautiful home and a beautiful family! Actually, I used to babysit for them, and the mom was Maddie Kate's kindergarten teacher last year. Here are some of my favorites!

These kids are so sweet. When they got tired of pictures and didn't want to participate, mom and dad got them to tell me about their Disneyland trip this summer, and they perked right up!I thought they did a good job!
As promised earlier, lots of Senior pics coming soon....


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