Friday, August 31, 2007

Haircuts and a High School reunion

I guess I haven't had any crazy Ava stories lately so I haven't blogged much about our family. Maddie Kate is doing well so far in 1st grade and learning how to read. She has her first official spelling test today, and she knew how to spell the words on Monday, so it's wonderful that we haven't had to study them hard or anything. She has had homework everyday this week though, and that is something I guess we are going to have to get used to! Maddie Kate and I went to Jamie's on Tuesday and had our hair cut, and we decided to try out bangs on Maddie Kate, something she has never had before. Here is a pic of us with our new do's! (I know, I don't look different!)
I had the opportunity to take some photos at Mt. Vernon High School's Class of 1997 Reunion (which was the class right after me, so I knew a lot of the people there) earlier this month. Here are a few photos of the classmates that showed up for the big night!
This last one was cute, so I wanted to share it. In their Senior yearbook, these 6 were the "Class Couples" and this is the pose they did for their picture back in high school! So they wanted to re-enact it. I thought it was sweet that they were all married now with kids!

For any of you 1997 Reunion people who might read this: I will email you the links for the pictures very soon! Thank you!

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  1. jessica i love you new do and maddie's! she looks so grown up. wow i miss you guys so much. i can't wait to come home.