Monday, August 20, 2007

1st day of 1st grade/NO WAY AVA!/ and a Senior

This is my sister tossing Ava in the air and catching her! It was just a fun picture so I thought I'd show it to ya!

Okay, I just have to start this post with telling you that I am having to redo the entire thing because Ava was sitting on my lap and trying to type with me, and I kept telling her no. Somehow she pushed something that deleted all the typing and photos, and right after she did, blogger auto saved for me, so all was lost! If there is a way to retrieve it, I don't know what it is! So here we go again, I'm going to start all over!
I think since I'm on the subject of Ava, I will tell you what she did this morning. I thought she was watching Dora, and I realized that she wasn't even in the playroom. I go looking for her, and she was in my bathroom up on the shelves that we have next to the sink, and she is covered in blue toothpaste and black eyeliner! Also, the sink and shelf are covered in toothpaste, the toothbrush holder is full of water, and the water is still running because she said she needed to wash her hands! Well no kidding, she needed a bath to get all the toothpaste off and out of her hair!
What could possibly make you think this was a good idea? Kids are crazy!
Maddie Kate started 1st grade on Friday, well, registered for it anyway! I don't understand how I have a child in 1st grade, she was just born a few days ago, wasn't she?
I am not thrilled at having a kid old enough to be in 1st grade, but I am sort of looking forward to having a routine again! This summer has been nuts for us, maybe now we can settle down a little and I can get some work done!
Friday night was the premiere of High School Musical 2, which was a very big deal for Maddie Kate. She has been counting down the days ever since she heard there was going to be a second movie when they announced it last spring. So I let her invite some buddies over to watch it.
They were so cute, getting up to dance during the songs and going crazy! Probably partly due to the pizza, soda, cotton candy and M&M's I let them eat.... During the finale, they all got up to jump around, and we had the surround sound on pretty loud, so I couldn't really hear anything else. Then somehow, I hear someone screaming! I realize it is Ava, stuck under the footrest of the double recliner on the sectional! She was under it I guess when the girls got up to dance, and it smashed down on her just enough that she couldn't get out! She was so sad, with giant tears streaming down her face, I had to hug her a long time before she got over it! It was horrifying for her!

Time for Senior Pictures! I have several more to edit, and several more sessions coming up, so there will be lots more in the next few weeks. This is Amanda. She is in our youth group, and I feel like her session went smoothly, and we got some good shots!
I really like this one of her laughing. I love laughing pics!
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  1. I love the part about Ava...she makes me laugh because it reminds me of my Katie bug....maybe one day I'll send you a picture of something else she's gotten into!