Sunday, June 10, 2007

One of my very favorite things in the world... taking pictures of my sweet crazy daughters!
Yesterday my sister Sweed (Alisa) and I decided to take Maddie Kate and Ava to Grandpa's old schoolhouse for a photo shoot, and it was fun! I really wish that schoolhouse was on my property so I could keep it! It is so great for pictures! Grandpa is planning on burning it down eventually, but I asked him to let me know before he does it, so I can come get some of it! The problem is, I want it all! Here are some of my favorites...there are lots!


There are loads more but I have to stop
editing them for now, I have
real work
I need to be editing instead!

If you would like a "Grandpa's Schoolhouse" photo shoot of your own, you should probably contact me very soon! I don't know how much longer we'll have it!! :)


  1. aww i love the pics at the school house..but to let u know it'll prolly be there for awhile they have been saying for acouple of years now that they are going to burn it down and they havent yet so it might be up for awhile but who knows!! gets pics u are so talented!! love you guys!!

  2. in my last comment it was suppose to say great pics but it came out gets pics oh well!!

  3. These pics are so pretty!!!! That is such a great spot for pics!

    I'm counting down the days until we come...not much longer now! I think we'll be in really late Sunday night & then Tyler will head over to camp early Monday morning.