Thursday, June 21, 2007

Redneck fun & a little boy session

We have been having a fun week! As I said last time, my friend Kellie is here and our kids have been playing a lot while we hang out! Ava has been a bit of a bully though, to Kellie's little boy, Mason. She keeps hitting him, apparently for no reason! She has been getting in a lot of trouble. Where do kids even learn to hit? Maddie Kate doesn't hit Ava, so where the heck did she learn it? Ava also calls Kellie's little girl Millie, "Mildie" which I think is very cute! Yesterday we went and had lunch with my mom at a fun little coffeehouse place in Benton called "The Buzz". It's one of my favorite places to eat, but they are only open for lunch, so I don't get there very often! The kids were kinda crazy, but we still had fun and the food there is great, so it was totally worth it. Mason and Ava kept wanting to get under the table, and throw marbles that were supposed to be decorative! Silly kids!
Kellie's kids are city kids though (they live in Decatur) so Johnny thought he'd give them a taste of some redneck fun: riding in a swimming pool being pulled by a four-wheeler!

Isn't that silly!? Last night we went out to camp, and it was nice to see all the kids. Our youth group is excited about our new baby, it's like it's their baby! I love it!

And now for some session pictures of one of my favorite little boys of all time!!! This is Tyler, and I babysat him for 2 1/2 years. I love him!

Check out those eyelashes! Any girl would love to have those!!!
I love this vintagy one, he is too cute!This last one is at Grandpa's Schoolhouse, my current favorite location spot. He looks too grown up in this!
Mom, I will have your proof book ready probably by early next week!

Today Maddie Kate has her dance camp program, so we will be going to that this afternoon and then she has a ball game tonight and tomorrow night, such a busy little girl! There's a wedding this weekend that I am excited about, and next week Johnny is the evangelist at camp, so the busyness never ends!!!

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