Thursday, June 28, 2007

This is a first!

We are leaving today to go on vacation at Branson. The weird thing is, I am completely packed and ready to go, and my in laws keep having things holding them up( like a traffic jam on the interstate, etc,), so they aren't here yet, and I actually have free time! Usually I am the hold up!! :) I actually need to walk around the house and do a double check, just to make sure we have all the millions of things we need to be gone for a week!
This past week was kinda different, with Johnny gone to camp. Monday my sister Kimberly took the girls for the whole day so I could get some editing done! That was great, but of course, a ton of things kept happening to prevent me from working. A bunch of phone calls, the Terminix guy just showed up, things like that. I did get some work done in the afternoon though! Kimmy took the girls to McDonald's for lunch and then out to camp where they got to see Daddy and go swimming. I went out for supper and picked them up. Tuesday we had a play date with Ava's little buddy, Caleb, so he won't forget us. The girls had fun playing with all his toys and playing outside for a little while, but it was SO hot, we didn't stay out long. It was nice to visit with Melodee too! Then I had my hair cut and highlighted (the dr said it was okay!) so now I look a bit more maintenanced than I had previously been looking! I just told Jamie to do it however she thought would look good, so she did, and I am pleased with the results! Thanks Jamie!
Yesterday I was trying to pack and edit and I was super tired! I was actually falling asleep sitting here in my computer chair! That's not normal for me. I am wondering if the pregnancy sleepiness is already hitting me. About 3-4 weeks after I found out I was preggo with the other 2 I was really sleepy for about a month. That's not going to be fun being super sleepy this month because I have way too much going on! We are going to be on vacation all week this next week, we are going to Little Rock for the FWB National Convention with our youth group July 15-19, and I have 2 weddings this month! I don't have time to sleep! :(
Well, I think we are actually getting the car loaded now, so I am going to hang up the blog for now. I will share some vaca pictures soon!

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  1. hey, I actually read your blog last night! I didn't expect it to be updated with your leaving and all, but I checked anyway! You should be proud of me! Hope you have a good trip! Sleep alot!

    love you all,