Sunday, June 24, 2007

Friends and weddings

Last Thursday was a very busy one for our family! (Yeah, yeah, what day isn't?!) Jamie came over and brought her three girls to play with Maddie Kate and Ava, and Kellie's 2 kids, Mason and Millie. This picture is Mason, Millie, Ava, and Mylie,( Jamie's new baby.) These cute kids are future camp buddies!
And I thought I'd include a pic of the cute mommies too! ;)

It's been nice lately to hang out with friends more. It seems like sometimes I get lost in the Mommy/Photographer world and I don't get much time with friends. We had fun, but I wasn't able to stick around too long, I had to rush off to watch Maddie Kate perform her dance routine that she had learned at dance camp last week. This is her dressed in her "Chain Gang" outfit:
She did a really good job. I was very proud of her little performance. She has watched the video of herself doing this dance about a million times! It was very sassy and full of attitude, just like Maddie Kate!
Then that evening, she had a baseball game. This is her on 1st base, waiting to run!
She is done with the regular season now, because we will be on vacation during the last game. :( So I guess I've seen her play for the last time this year. There is a post season tournament, but it starts the week that we are going to Nationals with our youth group, so the only way she will be able to do that is if our parents take her. I'm hoping all that works out!

Maddie Kate has been sitting across from me asking me how to spell different peoples names, and working hard to write them down. She left to go watch tv, and Ava climbed up into her seat (with her hair sticking straight up because she pulled out her pigtails while she was taking a nap) and said, "Mommy, how spell 'gee-arts'?" and gives me this huge dimply smile. She is so funny! I laugh all the time.

I had a wedding yesterday, and it went absolutely GREAT! I am so excited to get to the editing of the pictures. It usually takes me quite awhile to edit a wedding, and I'm not done with last weeks wedding yet, so it's looking like I'm going to be using the laptop a lot during vacation! I don't really mind though, because I love editing, it just takes time. I'll probably post a load of wedding pics after vacation, but for now, a little preview for both brides!
I love weddings! I did learn one very important lesson more heels to weddings! I wore heeled sandals all day yesterday, from about 10 am until 7pm, and today I have an ankle that won't stop hurting! So no more heels for weddings, I'll just have to look less cute! Plus, this fall, big fat pregnant me won't need to be torturing myself like that anyway! :)

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  1. hey! I checked both your blog and your website today without your having to prompt me! My internet is REALLY SLOW today so it's very frustrating, but I can't wait to see the video of MK's dances, and I love the new pic on the front of the website!
    love you!