Friday, June 8, 2007

It's like rain on your wedding day!

This past weekend my mom and my 2 sisters and I drove all the way to Georgia for my cousin's wedding. Wow, it takes a long time to drive to Georgia!! We left on Thursday afternoon and stopped about halfway there to sleep, then drove the rest of the way on Friday. We were very lost once we actually got to Statesboro, and pretty much drove in miserable circles until we got correct directions over the phone from my uncle! We found the hotel and managed to get to the church in time to head over to the rehearsal dinner! It was great getting to see some family that I haven't seen in a long while, like my cousin Shavon. I haven't seen her in 3 years, and we always were best-cousin-friends and used to write each other letters every week! She lives in Virginia though, and I guess things change once everyone grows up and gets married! Not to mention I don't write letters anymore! It was also nice to get to talk with Shavon's brothers and their wives. (David & Christi and Jason & Kimberly) We seem to have several things in common, so there's usually a lot to talk about! My kids don't have any cousins yet and I do feel bad for them that they won't have any cousins their own age. I'm sure they'll eventually have loads of cousins, but they will be so much older than them, it'll never be like it was for me. Oh well, I guess they'll never know the difference like I will!
My cousin Ashley's (I have three brides named Ashley/Ashleigh this year, and I had one last year too!) wedding was very pretty, and she married a guy from my home church in Ina, so that was interesting! They met at FWBBC, in Nashville, TN where my husband and I graduated from. I haven't got too many done yet, but here are a few pics from their wedding!

It was raining ALL DAY the day of the wedding, so we didn't get to take any photos outside, which made me sad, but you gotta do the best you can with what you have, and so far what I have edited I am liking, so I think it's gonna be great! I don't think the happy couple minded the rain, they seemed very happy and so in love! Thanks for letting me participate in your very special day! :)

We headed home right after the wedding, and we drove at least an hour before we got out of the rain. Kimberly drove and she got us all the way to Nashville that night before we stopped to sleep. We did have fun the last day because we shopped at Opry Mills Mall in Nashville and ate at the Aquarium Restaurant, which has good food and such a neat atmosphere. When we got there, there was a diver cleaning the tank at the entrance, so while we waited to be seated, I took his picture with Kimberly!

This is all of us in front of the huge tank with all kinds of fish and sharks in it. You can see a shark behind us. (We just set the camera on the table for this timed shot... like the forks in the foreground?) I would recommend this fun place if you are ever in Nashville! I am glad my mom and sisters and I got a chance to take this trip together! Besides the raining and the driving and the IHOP, we had a good time! (we had a VERY bad IHOP experience that involved a waitress cleaning off the seat of the booth for us with the backside of her pants....oh, yes, and it kept getting worse....don't go the the IHOP in Statesboro, Georgia!) We got home Sunday night and I was very happy to see my family!!
Maddie Kate's game last night got canceled due to the other team not showing up! Apparently the team parents/coaches are fighting and they forfeited! But tonight she played and did well. No home runs, but good hitting and good fielding. I am enjoying watching her play this season! My parents came to tonight's game, so that was nice, especially having PaPa there to play with Ava was great!
Ava can say anything now! My favorite is "Hedo Mommy!" (yes, I am currently "Mommy")but she tells me whatever she wants or needs all the time. It's nice to be able to communicate with her, but she doesn't understand that she isn't supposed to hit! She hits Maddie Kate a lot, and she even pinched me the other day and when I told her to stop, she kicked me! She got in BIG trouble! She is so aggressive, so different from her big sister!
Well, I have loads of editing to do, from the wedding and also a session (that was really 8 separate sessions) that I did on Monday! I will post some of those when I get more done!
One more thing, if you read this: To the person who ordered the cool surprise for their significant other, you need to contact me, your surprise is here! ;)

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