Monday, June 18, 2007

A newborn, a carnival, and a BIG announcement!

How about that title? Ha!

First off, a little preview for a dear friend of mine! This little guy was exactly one month old the day we did these pictures.

This is one of my first newborn shoots (other than my own children of course) and it was harder than I thought it would be! I just figured this little guy would want to sleep the whole time, and I could get loads of cute sleeping pictures, but no! He was wide awake and yelling at me and his Mommy almost the entire shoot! He wanted to be held, and he DID NOT want to be naked! :) I think we did pretty good though, what do you think Mommy?! I'll get the proofs to you soon!

I had a wedding on Saturday, and it went well. My new assistants are working out pretty good! I have one doing backup/extra photos for me and another directing and gathering up the people we need for photos; it's GREAT not to have to do it all myself! That's pretty hard to do alone! The only bad thing that happened was right when we got to the church. We unloaded and set up, and no one was there yet, so we decided to go grab a bite to eat, and realized I had locked my keys in my car right in front on the main entrance to the church!! Then one of my assistants tried to open the back door of my Yukon, and the alarm started going off and I had no way to make it stop! The alarm did stop on it's own after a few minutes, but I had to call a locksmith to come open the door for me! I have another wedding this weekend, so maybe I'll just post a bunch when I get some favorite edits from each of them!
Saturday night we took the girls to the carnival and let them ride the rides for several hours. It was definitely the place to be that night, everyone in town was there!

This is how good of a Daddy that Johnny is to his girls! He will cram his knees into a tiny kiddie ride just so Ava could go on it!
They had so much fun! I should have known Ava would love it!
This is Maddie Kate being brave--there is no one riding with her!!!
Me riding the carousel with both girls!

Sunday we went to my parents house and had Father's Day lunch together, and we had big news to tell my family. We let Maddie Kate make the big announcement: We are expecting a new baby! Johnny and I found out last week on our anniversary, so that was pretty exciting! And I think we're due around Valentine's Day, so that's cool too! Our family is very happy and excited!
This week a friend of mine, Kellie, is spending the entire week while her husband works at camp. Our kids are having a fun time playing together and ransacking the house! :)


  1. Oh Jessica! That is so exciting! Congrats:) I bet you are elated. Don't work too hard!


  2. Congratulations on the new addition to the family. Sorry I wasn't able to be there Sunday for the big announcement.
    I guess now that I'm in the program we're finally on the path to cousins.

  3. Jessica,
    Congratulations on the new baby! We are so excited for you!
    The pictures turned out great too!
    Thanks for being so patient with our fussy little one!