Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pictures (as usual) and our 8th Anniversary!

I finished up the edits from the big session from last week, so I thought I'd post a few! This session was unique, because I took 8 kids pictures in about an hour at our town park, and basically what it comes down to is that our town's Homecoming Committee ("Sesser Homecoming" is like a town carnival that starts tonight and goes through Saturday, it's not like a school dance!) hired me to do photos of these kids. The kids are all competing with each other to sell the most raffle tickets, and whoever does will get a big prize. The raffle pretty much pays for the carnival, so it's a big deal, I guess! Anyway, part of the gift to the kids for selling the raffle tickets is a photo session, and this year they asked me to do it. I was thrilled, because I figure that's pretty good exposure! Here are some of my favorites!
When they wanted the session done at the park, I was a little worried, thinking that there wasn't really anywhere good to take pics at the park, but it appears that I was wrong! We came up with lots of cute spots! I have to say, the little boy peeking through the leaves is my very favorite because it was his idea to do that!! Very creative little mind!
Yesterday was Johnny and my 8th anniversary! All day Maddie Kate kept saying,"You and Daddy have been married for 8 years, and I've been around for 6 years!" It was typical anniversary for us, too busy doing a million other things and not really celebrating! Our church is in the middle of a huge remodeling/building on project and the week 65 men are here helping us get the addition built, so Johnny had to be at the church all day. Maddie Kate had a ball game last night, and afterward, we were all so tired we didn't feel like going out to eat (not to mention the girls were filthy dirty from playing at the game) so we went home, got baths, ate dinner, put the girls to bed and sat down together and watched our wedding video! So that was nice, just to sit together and reminisce! It's not the worst anniversary we have ever had though! Our 2nd anniversary was spent packing to move from Nashville, TN to Sesser, and last year we spent it in the hospital because Johnny had Shiga! So at least we weren't in the hospital this year! :)
Tomorrow I have a newborn shoot and I am so excited. I have been planning for this for quite awhile, so hopefully it will go well! You'll see some pics from it in a few days I'm sure!



  1. I want you to know that your blogs keep me smiling! I think if I ever started a blog, I would never stop...there is always something crazy happening when you have little ones at home! Hope you are having a great summer....Serena

  2. Jessica you have outdone yourself as usual. Dalton is cute peeking thru the bush. Good pics of Saylor and Brianna blue eyes are beautiful. Everyone loves Jace standing with his legs crossed. I am sending some people your way that have seens his portfolio at the station for their grandaughters or kids pictures to be done by you. I told them to tell you I sent them. I gave them your web address. Thanks so much for the portfolio and we will be ordering some pictures.