Friday, July 13, 2007


Those of you that know my husband Johnny know that he likes to change cars like he changes underwear. A few years ago, we had counted up how many cars he/we have had since he got his license, and it was like 30-40. I would have to re-figure that to know exactly! Anyway, about a month ago his dad bought a 1978 Malibu that is like, practically in mint condition. To me, it is just an old rust-colored car. To him, it is a really cool antique-ish ride that he loves and wants to put cool wheels on and baby for several years until it is worth more money and then sell it. Well, we have my Yukon and he has this old truck that he bought I think last fall. (Yeah, and just so you know, his truck was the 3rd or 4th vehicle he owned just last year, and my Yukon was my 3rd just last year!!!) So he has been sorta trying to sell his truck ever since this Malibu came on the scene, but he didn't really want to, but he couldn't keep both. His plan was to sell the truck and buy an old beater truck just to get back and forth to work so that the Malibu can rest peacefully inside the comfortable dry walls of the garage all winter and not rack up the miles. I call it money that we could be putting towards my studio. He calls it an investment. (For the record, I do hope that he is right!)
Well, last night he met with a guy who wanted the truck. So Johnny was going to meet up with him today at lunchtime to sign the title and get his money. The buyer calls us at like 7:30 am and says he would like to get it this morning before work instead. So Johnny jumps out of bed and starts getting ready to meet this guy. I was basically asleep still, because I'm in preggo exhaustion, as you all know, and I drag myself out of bed to dig through the firebox to find the title. I didn't have my contacts in yet, but I was definitely not finding the title. So I tell him and he's freaking out of course, so he drives to where he has the truck parked for sale to see if for some insane reason we stuck it in the glove box of the truck. No luck. He comes back and I have completely ransacked the house looking for the stinking title. He rips the drawer out of his nightstand and throws the contents all over the bedspread, but it's not there.We proceed to dig through every single place where we have any papers stacked at all, and we still weren't finding it. I'm in the kitchen digging, and he's digging in our room, and all of a sudden he finds the title laying on the bed! Apparently he dumped it out of the nightstand when he first looked through it! So that done, he goes and sells his truck to the buyer. The house looked like burglars had visited in the night, so you know what I spent the next 1/2 hour doing!
This afternoon Johnny and I are talking, and I'm like, wow, this is really nice that you don't have to rush to find something to buy this time, because you have something you can drive until you find the perfect cheap truck. He said, yeah, I'm gonna be patient, and I said yeah right! (bet you can see where this story is going, huh?)
Then tonight we went out to eat with his parents, and on the way we see about 3 trucks for sale. So of course on the way home, Johnny and his dad (Wheeler Dealer, Sr.) have to stop and look at all of them. Well, wouldn't you know, he liked the last one so he bought it. I mean, it is actually in our driveway right now!!! This means he was right at 12 hours from title to title of the 2 trucks. They are even both red! (I say that because of course to me, color is the only visible thing about a car...)
So that's the story of a day in the life of a true wheeler dealer. He has set a new record.

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