Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I got in trouble from my mom...

for not blogging! I can't believe it. First I couldn't get her to check it, and now apparently she checks all the time to see if I have done a new post, and I got in trouble for not doing one since last week! It's not because I don't want to or haven't got things to post, it's because I'm so stinkin' tired, I barely get anything done these days! I am so sleepy all the time and don't feel good very often, so I just haven't spent any time blogging. Well, after that little kick from my mommy, here we go!
Last week the only place I went all week was to Maddie Kate's Pixie League World Series ballgames. I just felt yucky and I didn't go on the trip so I figured I needed to rest. I even had to put off some photo work for few weeks! Can you believe it?! You know I don't feel too hot if I'm doing that, it's my favorite thing! :) Anyway, here are some (completely unedited-please forgive me! :)) pics of the last game on Tuesday:
She's yelling chants at the other team! She plays Second base.
This is her in the dugout with her buddies!
She's running for home!!
Here's the whole team! Second place in the World Series! We are so proud of them!
This is Maddie Kate being interviewed for the Channel 12 Evening News! She was very brave about having that camera right in her face! They asked her several questions, but the only part that made it to the news was when she said, "Ummm, I wanted to win." It was very cute! They interviewed me too, but I didn't make it to the news and that is FINE with me!!!
Johnny and the Youth Group made it home from their missions trip on Thursday, and the girls and I were very glad to see them. It was a long week being apart! The kids all seemed to have had a great time on the trip. I hate to have missed it, but I know I did the right thing! I'm exhausted without going on a week long trip with 10 teenagers!
I do have some JHP pictures from one of my June weddings to share! Here are some of my favorites from the day:
More wedding and engagement pics to come SOON! Also gearing up for a slew of Seniors, so check back for more fun stuff in the next few weeks. If I can my preggo self off the couch that is! :)



  1. good job girl! I found them this morning, the next time I checked after "scolding" you! (Not really scolding, I love you!)

    love you,


  2. Sorry you are feeling lousy, hope that gets better soon.

    Maddie looks like she really gets into those games. Hope she fun tonight, we are going to try meet somone good when we go.
    Jared Knapp(he's our 4th) said he's thinking of using her for autographs. Nothing says sign my baseball like a 6 year old girl!

    P.S. - Guess I'm gonna have to teach your mom as well as Kimmy how to sign in to this thing. Just a pet peeve of mine :)