Monday, July 16, 2007

A lima bean heartbeat

I decided on Saturday night not to go this week with Johnny and our youth group on their missions trip to the FWB Nationals in Little Rock, Arkansas. I felt like I have been so busy and kinda pushing it too much in these early stages of my pregnancy, and some things had happened that made me worry a lot, so I decided that even though I really really really wanted to go, it was best for me and the baby if I would just stay home this week and rest. So I talked Johnny into going without me, and on Sunday morning, I cried my eyes out as he and the youth group all left in the church van without me. Those kids aren't just kids to me, they are some of my best friends. My sisters were both going along too, so I assigned Alisa the job of photographer and gave her one of my back up cameras and stocked her up with some extra memory cards and told her to take a picture of everything that they do that I am missing! I have talked to them several times so far on the trip, and today I get a text message from Heather saying "Check your email!" and I find this picture that she took with her camera phone and the caption "Johnny getting arrested!":
I don't know where they ran into this cop at, but she pretended to arrest him. He said she bent his thumbs back and tried to flirt a little bit. I thought that was pretty funny! They worked this morning at a thrift store for some little old ladies, and there was a sale going on where you could fill up a large grocery bag full of anything and only pay $5.00! So the kids were buying up the store! All the boys bought white tuxes complete with shoes that they are planning on actually wearing the the church service tonight (I was told I will be emailed a picture of that later, so I'll have to post that when I get it) and one boy scored a brand new in the box wireless keyboard and mouse! Alisa bought a vintage bowling ball in the bag, and Johnny said they bought me some placemats, so I'm wondering what kind of placemats from a thrift store I could possibly like...we'll see!! :)
I managed to get into see my ob doctor today, and all reports are good. My mom went with me since Johnny is out of town, and we got to see the baby on ultrasound. We could see the heart beating and we also got to hear it, which was quite a relief to this worried mommy! The Dr. said the baby was an inch long, about the size of a lima bean, and that I am exactly 9 wks and 6 days pregnant today, which makes my due date officially February 14th, just as I thought! I called Johnny and he got to hear the heartbeat over the phone. He said he couldn't hear it very well, but it still made him cry. We are very thankful!
Maddie Kate and Ava have been in Effingham with my in-laws since Saturday night, because we thought up until about midnight Saturday that I would be going on the trip, and they were going to keep them until Tuesday and then switch the girls over to my parents until we got back on Thursday. They are bringing them back today because Maddie Kate's first post-season baseball game is this afternoon at Sesser Park. They are actually playing in a little three game series against DeSoto. So I am glad I am going to get to see her games this week!
I will post a baby ultrasound picture later when I go home, so I can take a picture of the picture!


P.S. This is an addition to this post: They emailed me some pics of the guys in the crazy tuxes, so here they are:Can you believe they actually wore them to the teen service tonight? I think my husband has gone off the deep end without me there to help him out! A friend of mine texted me who had seen them it said, "What is Johnny wearing!?"

Also, here is the ultrasound picture of our baby!!!
I know it is hard to tell what you are looking at here! The baby is laying on it's back, and the plus sign on the left is on the baby's bottom, and the plus sign on the right is on the head. The feet are sticking up in the air, and the round thing on the right is not the head, it is a yoke sac! Isn't that weird?!


  1. JESSICA!!! this is val and jen here on the labtop sitting in the hallway reading your wonderful beautiful making me cry and laugh blog that i love. i love you and the boys are crazy with the tuxedos prancing around like hot shots.. haha.. and you know kendall was living it up.. haha. kyle just came out in the hallway laughing in a very odd way. sweed and heather are looking at alisa's cruise pictures...sean is talking to his girlfriend of course. that happens a lot.. but i just thought i would let you in on what is going on here in the hallway of the fairfield inn by marriott on the third floor. well i love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you like crazy!! and i wish you were here but i'm glad that you are taking care of that new baby that i can't wait to get here! oh and by the way you are my favorite.
    -val and jen

  2. Hey jessica we miss you. We also went to a jewerly store where all the jewerly was a dollar, so we bought you a couple of pieces there too. The Tuxes were so much fun and they got called up on stage during the concert with Mike Boggs to do the hand motions to a song, and Kyle even got to sing with him. It was so great, all these girls were asking for their autographs and wanting pictures with them, even before that people were talking to them and shaking their hands. At breakfast this morning a lady asked Kyle if he was the singer from last night. It was so crazy!!!!!!!

    Kimberly I can't remember my blog user name, this will drive tony crazy!

  3. I am so glad you got into Dr. Walters sooner than Aug! And I'm glad you stayed home to rest! Let me know if you need anything this week! Love ya!


  4. Where is a new blog entry? I keep checking SEVERAL TIMES A DAY!

    love you,