Friday, July 27, 2007


I got tagged by Kellie Penn to do this little survey, so I'm going to try it out! This is the first time I have ever been blog-tagged! :)

Four of my favorite jobs~I haven't had very many!
1. Being a Mommy to my little girls
2. Photography!
3. Babysitting
4. Being a nanny in Nashville TN (I still miss Shannon!)

Four of my favorite local places~Sesser's not too big, but I'll try!
1. The Custard Stand
2. Subway
3. Anjo's Pizza (LOL, you can't even really eat there, they just deliver!)
4. Uh, what else is there? This town is tiny!

Four of my favorite foods
1. fried-grilled-baked chicken pretty much love it any way!
2. Grilled steaks w/baked potatoes
3. Homemade pizza recipe I got from Niki Packer~Awesome!
4. Potato Soup

Four of my favorite international places (Well...I haven't been out of the States, so these are my fave's outside of Illinois)
1. Florida was fun!
2. Nashville, TN
3. Gatlinburg
4. This place in like, Mount Eagle TN or somewhere like that where we went camping when I was a little kid with my cousins, and there was a waterfall and we swam in the pool below it. It was beautiful and in my memory it was magical.

Four names of people I am tagging~ I don't know very many bloggers, so I'll just tag some readers to leave comments! Then I'll know how long it takes you to read this! :)
1. Kellie Penn
2. Carol Payne
3. Kimberly Jenkins
4. Johnny Hollis


  1. OK, I can't believe I'm first!

    4 fav jobs:

    1.Being YOUR mom! And Kimmy's, Troy's, Alisa, Logan, & Ben's!

    2. Being a Stampin' Up! Demo! It is the job that I would love to do full time. The creativity and fun, I love it!

    3. JCM-I loved that job because it was my first full-time one. Lots of drama,(didn't love that!) but what I really loved was the daily challenge of LEARNING everything. It was the job that gave me the confidence to try new things later.

    4. Being your dad's wife. "Wifing" is a job you have to work at every day in order for your marriage to work!

    Fav local places:

    1. Wayne Fitzgerrel State Park -we had some fun times camping there when you were young.

    2. The house in Spring Garden. I still dream about going home to that house, & fixing it up. I loved the basement.

    3. Your house! It's cute, comfy, a place where I can relax!

    4. My stamp room. So glad Dad built it for me! It fulfilled my dream to have an upstairs room someday!

    Fav foods:

    1. Ice Cream! I would eat it for every meal if I could!
    2. Hashbrown Casserole-mine or Cracker Barrel's
    3. Heath Candy Bars
    4. Did I mention ice cream?

    Fav International places:

    1. Dunn River Falls, Jamaica

    2. Half-Moon Cay-Bahamas

    3. The "nude beach" at Cabo San Lucas! (You know I kept my clothes on!) Dad got a real good joke on me!

    4. The Mexican countryside by bus, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    I can't tag anyone because I still don't have a blog! Maybe someday!

  2. For your dad's sake, I must remind you that my "favs" are not in order of "favoritness)!

    love ya,


  3. 4 fav jobs

    1. Being Tony's wife

    2. Being Mark and Carol Payne's second daughter

    3. Being Jessica, Troy, Alisa, Logan, and Ben's Sister. Sister-in -law to Johnny and Aunt to Maddie Kate, Ava, and the New Lima Bean.

    4. Being Valerie and Randy's first Daughter-in-law they are the best!

    4 Fav Local Places

    1. Movies

    2. Pasta House

    3. Jared Knapp's house - It's always ridiculously clean. With Tony and the Tynes there too of course

    4. Any book store!

    4 Fav foods

    1. Pizza

    2. Cookies

    3. Ice cream

    4. Cheese, usually melted.

    No blog friends, except for maybe Tony Jenkins should comment!


    sorry tony I can't remember my login or password