Thursday, May 3, 2007

A fun silly day!

Today was a fun day. Jamie came to visit and brought Mylie, and that itself made today fun! Jamie and I had a good visit, which is so nice, because most of the time my contact with the outside world is online, since I am a stay at home mom and with all the babysitting, I sure don't get out much! (That will change soon though, bittersweet...) It's also nice how there are just some friends that you don't see much, but you get together and you are still friends just like you always were! Those are the best kind, old forever friends! I got to hold the beautiful big-eyed Mylie a lot and it is so amazing how fast babies grow! It seems like Ava was just that size, but I guess she is getting to be a big girl now, she'll be 21 months old on Saturday.
I decided I had better tell a good story about Ava, since so far I have only told bad ones! She has started to sing little songs, and so far there are about 4 that we recognize when she sings. "Jesus loves me," "the ABC song", "Bubbling", and "Ring Around the Rosy". It is so adorable when she does ring around the rosy, because it is accompanied by spinning in a circle and saying "Ashes, ashes, ashes" until she falls down. We all cheer and of course, think that this is the cutest thing we have ever seen! Also, when Johnny and I are close, she will start saying "Kiss it! Kiss it!" and will continue to say it until we kiss. Maddie Kate always used to try to stop us from kissing, but Ava encourages it! They are so different! If you start to talk loudly or yell, Ava will say "No yell it!" and will start to yell this until you stop. You can start a yelling war with her by yelling "No yell it!" at her! She is so much fun! Here is the predicament she got herself into today:

She was trying to get into my stuff on the table and somehow knocked the chair over and was stuck and whining, but since she didn't look like she was going to fall I grabbed my camera before helping her! That's what you get, you little troublemaker!! ha!
We are supposed to be going to the Cardinals game tomorrow night with my sister and her husband, as long as it doesn't get rained out! And I have 2 sessions on Saturday, so I'm gearing up for a busy weekend! I'll blog some pics next week!! ♥


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  2. **sorry for the double post**

    I love the picture.

    Had fun at the ballgame with you guys, we'll have to do it again sometime. After all you both have a better ercord than the
    We talked about maybe bringing Maddie (and maybe troy, we think they can get along)to one of the other games. I thought we could leave pretty early and see if we could see Pujols up close, i think she'd like that.

    Keep the posts coming, and more pictures of the troublemaker please.

  3. Hey I had fun with you guys at the game, too. I hope that we can do something else like that sometime.

    Apparently Tony loves your blog, he's definately keeping up with it!

    Ava is so fun!

  4. Hey buddy! :) Your stories crack me up about your kiddos...I need to be better about documenting what my kids say on my blog!