Thursday, May 31, 2007

I shouldn't be blogging, I should be packing!

I'm leaving this afternoon to go to Georgia for my cousin's wedding, and yes, I am taking the pictures for her. My mom and both of my sisters, Kimberly and Alisa, are going with me, so it's going to be fun, even though we have to drive like, 12 or 14 hours or something crazy! I am leaving the girls with Johnny, but Maddie Kate is already sad and doesn't want me to go, even though they are going to go to Effingham for the weekend and play with Grandma & Grandpa. I'm excited, this is the first wedding for me this year, and it's going to be fun!
This week has been different, now that MK isn't in school and I'm done babysitting. I have had no routine whatsoever, and I have to get used to that! I'm used to having a set time to get up and set things I have to do each day, and now all of that scheduling is gone, so I have to make sure I still do all the things that need doing each day!!
Maddie Kate came down with a fever on Sunday afternoon, so that made things difficult for a day or two. She never did get as sick as Ava did though, so that was good! On Monday, Johnny stayed home to take care of Maddie so I could go shopping with Mom. I was dying to get some new things for the summer, so I did. Ava was pretty good all morning, but by lunchtime she was really crabby because she hadn't gotten a morning nap, and she gave me a pretty hard time during lunch! Then we still had shopping to do, and she was pretty mad about all that. At least she looked cute though!
We went to Target and then amazingly, as soon as we got into the car she fell asleep! I guess she will sleep in a car as long as it is 5-6 hours past her normal nap time! Silly kid! Yesterday Ava was saying all kinds of stuff that I didn't know she could say. We put her in her highchair for lunch, and she said, "Daddy, I'm a princess." and he and I looked at each other and we were like, did she really just say that? And then she said it again! We were so shocked! I questioned both Johnny and Maddie Kate, and neither of them had taught her to say it, so I guess she came up with it on her own! She also is such a little diva! She LOVES shoes and purses. Most of the time Ava is walking around in my or Maddie Kate's shoes (usually flipflops) and carrying 3 purses on each arm! She says "Thank you welcome" all the time and also has started to call herself "Avie Claire" which we call her sometimes, so she has picked up on it. She also currently calls me
"Jess uh ca!" I keep trying to get her to say Mommy, but she keeps going with my name...hopefully she stops that soon, I don't really like it! I mean, it's cool that she knows I have a name and she can say it, but it's not like I'm her step mom or something! :)
Tuesday night and Wednesday night Maddie Kate had ballgames and they won both of them. She has been hitting the ball every time she gets up to bat, and on Tues, she even got a triple! Her daddy and I are very proud of her! (I ordered a large print of the photo collage, I am anxious to see what it looks like in a 16x20!) Next week she has a game Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Friday, so that should be interesting!
Well, I guess I have put it off long enough, the empty suitcases are calling! Have a great weekend!

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