Thursday, May 10, 2007

Two Session Update

I'm finally going to post some pictures from last Saturday. I had two sessions in one day, which is a first for me, so I was a little anxious about it all, but it turned out to be a breeze, and I was thrilled with the results from both sessions.
The first one was for a woman who had won a free session from me at one of the bridal shows I did back in January. She was getting married, but didn't want wedding pictures, she just wanted pictures of all of her family together after the wedding. I got there about half an hour early, and the ceremony was in process, and I couldn't help but take some of the ceremony. The church was beautiful, and so was the cute little couple!

I talked with some of the family afterward and found out that the bride will turn 70 this year, and the groom was 80! Don't they look great?!

I just think it is so neat that this couple could find happiness in each other at their age. In talking with their families, I could tell everyone seemed happy and proud of their parents.

I really appreciate this sweet family allowing me to share in their very special day!

My second session that day was with my husband's cousin. I am taking their wedding photos in July, and these are a few from their engagement session.

This couple should model! They are so pretty, and so easy to take pictures of!

We took these at an old schoolhouse that is on my husband's grandfather's property, and it is about to fall down, but it was PERFECT for photos! In talking with them, it turns out that the bride used to play here as a child, and the couple is actually thinking of building a home here when the schoolhouse is torn down. I thought that was a pretty cool connection. I am hoping Grandpa will let me have some of the barnwood to use in my studio when I get one! :)

I have no idea which one is my favorite, there were way too many good ones. We also took some at a golf course, those were great too. I got loads of great shots of this couple, but I will stop for now!

This week has been so busy for us as a family. My brother in law has come to visit for a few days, and my in-laws came today to see the girls...we haven't seen them since Spring Break.
Maddie Kate has softball practice 2 afternoons a week and gymnastics one evening, so it seems we never have a whole evening at home together! I think May is going to continue to be that way, with graduations and birthday parties, and all the million other things happening in the next few weeks! Hope your May is as hectic and fun as ours!! :)


  1. Jessica,
    I can not believe how big the girls are. Your site is beautiful!! Those pictures are great. I really hope all goes well for your business, I am sure you will have more than you can handle before too long. If you ever come to Nashville give me a call I would love to see you guys. I guess we should plan a "reunion " so we could all get together with our little ones.


  2. Hey, The pictures are great. The young couple will make some great photos and they have the same eyes. The will definately make a good album.


  3. Is it me or does everyone on Johnny's side lokk like they could be brothers?

    I think my favorite is the close up with the blue eyes ... very cool.

    P.S. - I'd love to help with the pictures in September if thats a go.