Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oh my, I know I said things are hectic...

... but the next several days are off the charts! I won't get into all the crazy details right now, but I'm sure I'll have pictures and blogging about it all later!! (You know, MK's dreaded kindergarten graduation is Friday and the 6th birthday is next Monday....)
But I will tell you, Ava has just taken off talking. She says lots of full sentences now, things like, "I have shoes on!", "What's that noise?"and my personal favorite..."I took my pants off!" She is thinking pretty seriously about the potty and what it involves, and I think that's why her pants have been coming off lately! Here's a pic of her from last Saturday. I always do a few test shots with my lights before a photo shoot, so my girls posed, and I really liked this one of Ava. She is her daddy's clone!!

I had the opportunity to take engagement photos for another one of my brides this past Saturday. Their wedding is in October, and I am so pleased with the results from their session. We started out in my living room with studio shots, and then we drove way out to the bride's mom's farm in a rural area.

It was very pretty farmland all the way out there, and at her mom's, there were lots of good spots for photos, like this fallen log in the woods, a pond, and we even used a wheat field! I think the one in the wheat might be my favorite.

I love my job!! Photography has always been a huge love of mine, but the more I learn and the more sessions I do, the more I love it! Getting to meet new people and finding fun new spots to take pictures is so much fun! If anyone is worried about asking me to go on locations somewhere...DON'T BE! I love going to people's special locations for their pictures! It makes it to original and beautiful and special to each individual, and that is important to me. As I told this couple, I don't mind driving out to the farm and tromping through the weeds to get a great shot! So if you've got a location, let me know, I would love to visit it with you for your photos!!

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  1. I love the picture of Ava. What a doll! Looking forward to the big day tomorrow for Maddie Kate. Can't believe she's graduating from kindergarten & almost 6; seems like yesterday I heard her first cry! All of the engagement pictures are great, and so is the photographer. We're proud of you, Jessica!