Friday, May 25, 2007

Hey all you blog stalkers!

I just want to say, I would love to hear from those of you who read my blog! I usually get anywhere from 10-30 hits a day, and only a few comments! I would love to see who is reading this, so if you don't mind, please leave me a comment! I would mean a lot to me!!

Today I am very sleepy, because Ava started throwing up yesterday and running a very high temp. I had to get her up several times in the night because she needed medicine and I had to put her in the tub to bring the temp down! It made me feel so bad because she was blazing hot to the touch, but I'm pouring lukewarm water over her in the tub and she's shivering! She seemed better this morning, and she hasn't thrown up since yesterday evening, so maybe we're getting past it, I HOPE SO!! This is sick Ava with a cold washcloth on her head and a popsicle!

I just have to tell this funny story about Johnny. Yesterday at lunch we were eating outside on the back deck, and Ava had a pickle on her plate (this was before she threw up) that she didn't want, so she set it on the table, and then Maddie Kate wanted to eat it (she LOVES pickles). But the table was dirty, so Johnny didn't want Maddie to eat it. I was like, "Go wash it off first," but Johnny promptly picked it up and licked off the side that had been on the table. I thought Maddie might be grossed out, but it didn't bother her at all, she ate the whole thing! So we wonder how Johnny got Shiga (a rare strain of E.coli) and almost died last year....hmmmm?!


  1. Hey! Well, I'm def a blog stalker..haha! I like reading about all your adventures.

    Poor little Ava! I hope she feels better soon. Nights like that are the longest! Hope you get caught up on your sleep!

    I would totally be grossed out by the pickle licking..haha! But, Johnny took one for the team, and I hope he doesn't get sick again! Sounds like something my husband would do. must be a man thing..!


  2. Well, I consider myself an avid reader... "stalker" is such an ugly word.

    I was more suprised that Maddie wasn't all "EWW, gross" than Jhonny licking the pickle. 10 second rule applies to most surfaces, outdoor tables included, he is just well versed in all things food. He knew what he was doing.

    Sorry to hear about da baby. She does look like she's into that popsicle so maybe she's on the road back to pummeling little boys again real soon.

  3. I'm so sorry to here that Ava has been sick.

    Johnny licking the pickle is very gross!


    P.S. It makes Tony so mad that I have to sign these comments since I don't have an account!

  4. I love reading your blogs! The picture of Ava with the washcloth on her head and the popsicle...she definitely looks like Johnny!! Glad she is feeling much better & hope no one else gets the virus.