Friday, April 25, 2008

Super cute twins!

This afternoon I am headed to Nashville, TN with my mom and Kimmy to visit my sister, Alisa. She has been in school there all year, but I haven't made it down yet. I think it has something to do with being pregnant and then having a new baby....anyway, it looks like we are actually going to go today. I am taking Maddie Kate because she and my sister are like best friends, and Cohen has to go wherever I go, but I am leaving Ava home with her Daddy for the weekend. I know that sounds awful, and I do feel bad about it, but we are going to be shopping, maybe garage sales (Nashville yard sales are awesome), and going out to eat and things, and Ava still needs naps and bathrooms to be close at hand! So it would just be rough to drag her around all weekend! But her Daddy is planning on taking her to the circus tonight, and I already told her she gets to see elephants, and she was so happy about that. Hopefully the circus will be a nice distraction and they will have a nice Daddy Daughter weekend! :)

I have to go get packed, but I just finished up a session and I have to get it posted before we leave. These little girls are SO cute and they did so good at their session! They will be one year old tomorrow. Here are Baylee & Chloe:
When I realized I had a set of 4 pictures that showed the girls taking offthe cowgirl hats, I had to put them into a storyboard! We tried to get pictures of them wearing them, but it was tough, because they wouldn't leave them on! Click the image to see it larger.
The ones with the frame were so cute, it almost looked like a mirror image part of the time!
I love so many of their photos, it was hard to choose favorites to post. Hopefully Mom will like them too! Thanks for allowing me to take their pictures, they are adorable and it was fun!
Well, I'm off to pack! Have a great weekend!


  1. These are AWESOME!! You do such a great job! Hope you have fun in Nashville!

  2. great job on all these!

  3. These are absolutely way too cute Jessica!!!